I hike and I FLY!

Day 8

Monday August 20, 2018

11 Miles Total Mileage 102

I slept in this morning. I didn’t wake up until 5:25am! πŸ˜‰

The view of the lake we camped at was all fogged in this morning.

SOULFLOWER, SHORTCUT, and I all left at 6:30. We were making great time and tackled the biggest climb of the trip like champs. We had so many laughs and were just being silly. We finished up the trail taking turns blasting out tunes from out phones while doing the last couple of miles. The time went by so fast.

When we reaced the road to town we started to walk in while trying to hitch a ride. We didn’t have to walk far when 2 woman picked us up on their way back from their 4 mile day hike.

Our sea plane.

We arrived at the motel about 12:30 and were able to check right in and start our showers. My last shower was last week on Wednesday, 5 days ago. I was definitely smelly.

SHORTCUT called the front seat.

Since we were in so early we had time for another adventure…A SEA PLANE RIDE! It a blast flying around all the lakes and mountains. So much to see.

SOULFLOWER and I in the middle seats.

There were also 2 more seats behind ours.

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