Ugly Day

Day 5

Friday August 17, 2018

11 Miles Total Milage 64 miles

Morning view at 5:40am.

Today was very ugly. The forecast was for all day rain. We were up at 5 am to get an early start. SHORTCUT and I left camp 40 minutes later to hike as many miles as we could before the rain started.

The rain was forecasted to start around 7 but didn’t start until 930. Rain really motivates SHORTCUT and she soon left me behind. I have to say it was pretty miserable, but I just put my headphones in and listened to an audio book to distract me. I arrived at the shelter at noon glad to be done for the day. Aunt Julie and Amy rolled in about 45 minutes later but they left about 35 minutes after us.

The trail was really muddy in many areas and very overgrown. It was not a fun day. Especially when the torrential downpour started. Although there were some beautiful lake views I would have enjoyed them much more if it wasn’t raining.

SHORTCUT decided to push on to the next lean-to since we arrived so early. Tomorrow she will hike into town and meet up with SOULFLOWER and get dried out. While we camp out and hope the weather is better.

Once Amy and Aunt Julie both got their boots and socks off they both had a new blister. They both popped them and will have to shove their feet into dirty wet socks and boots today so their both hoping that the blisters don’t get infected. They both have antibacterial cream and bandaids on but those can come off with things being so wet.

I enjoyed the time just hanging out with the girls in the lean to. We hung up a clothes line and tried to dry things out. We will definitely be putting on wet socks and shoes which is no fun, but our clothes have dried out.

4 thoughts on “Ugly Day

  1. What a difference between this hike with all the rain and your Colorado Trail hike 5 weeks ago with all the dust, lack of water and smoky conditions.


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