Happy Day

Day 7

Sunday August 19, 2018

14 Miles Total Mileage 91

We were up before it was light out using our headlights to pack up. We camped in a grassy area without tree cover so we had a bit of condensation in our tents. I just used my bandana to clean most of it up. We planned to leave at 6am but didn’t get out until 6:15am. Which is pretty good for a group of 3.

The trail today was pretty woodsy and hard to follow in some areas. I really had to pay attention and make sure I was staying on the trail.

SOULFLOWER and SHORTCUT were meeting us back on the trail today and would spend the night at the lean-to with us. Then we would all hike into the town of Long Lake tomorrow. I’m looking forward to a town day. Shower, laundry and food are the highlights for me.

SOULFLOWER and SHORTCUT waiting on us. They just came out of town and walked in 4 miles.

Amy and Aunt Julie behind her.

I haven’t had much cell phone service along this trail but at this lean-to I had service and was able to talk to Jim. I miss you, Babydoll.đŸ˜˜

3 thoughts on “Happy Day

  1. Hey Amy, my mom lives 30 miles from Lake Placid. If you need a place to stay at the end of your trail she would love to have you. Let me know!! Love ya, Lori


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