Town Day

Day 3

Wednesday August 15, 2018

15 miles Total Miles completed 40

We were shocked to see SHORTCUT walk into to camp at 630pm last night. She got help for PARKING LOT who got sick and needed to get off trail then was back on trail trying to catch us and boy did she have a story to tell about all of her adventures while she was separated from us.

We spent the night in the lean to and didn’t have any mice issues at all. That is always a big worry when staying in them.

SHORTCUT and I hit the trail early before the rest of the group. SHORTCUT wanted to get to the motel as early as possible because she was going to have a lot to do since PARKING LOT decided to go home. She would have to go through resupply boxes that have been shipped and get them mailed back to Florida.

The trail today was overgrown and swampy in areas. It was not a great hiking day for me. I was leading the way and there were so many spider webs on the trail it was really frustrating me. Plus all those wet areas also make for a lot of mosquitos! I have big bites all over my legs.

SHORTCUT hiking through the overgrown trail.

There were a couple of suspension bridges that we crossed today. One of them had a few boards missing from the crosswalk.

We arrive at the motel and this is what we see next to the office door. Apparently you just pick up you key and if you need a room for the night without a reservation. We had reservations so our keys were waiting on us with our names on them.

2 thoughts on “Town Day

    1. The spider webs can really ruin my day. They drive me nuts. I think I have two spider bites on my neck. Or at least that’s what I hope they are and not something worse like you had.
      I’m sorry to hear that you got so sick and had to end your hike. Our health is really the last thing most people think about but one of the most important in life. Be well my friend and get well soon.


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