Beautiful Day

Day 4

Thursday August 16, 2018

13 miles

SOULFLOWER ended the day with a bad blister. It was the same area that ended her hike on the Colorado Trail. So she was going to decide what to do in the morning. Upon waking we talked and came to the decision to give the area some rest. She traveled up trail a ways and will rest for a few days then meet us back on trail on Sunday.

While walking out of town I passed this old tavern built in 1860. And there was also a carriage and ice cutter on display.

Today was beautiful. The trail was nice and only overgrown in limited areas. The temperature wasn’t to high and there were very few spider webs. We also had a really nice spot for lunch. We stopped at a small creek and took the time to soak our feet while eating lunch.

Our camp tonight was a lean-to on Spruce Lake. It’s a pretty amazing view. Upon arrival I took a bandana bath in the lake with a tiny bit of soap. Then set up my tent and said a prayer that it didn’t rain. Rain was in the forcast.

Aunt Julie got her first blister today. She tripped over the dog about 1.5 weeks ago and thought she broke her big toe. It’s not broken but it is swollen and very sore. So she has been walking with a different gait that has caused a blister.

Aunt Julie and Amy relaxing in the lean-to.

View from Spruce Lake Lean-to.

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