Tuesday August 14, 2018

11.5 miles

Day 2

With rain gear on we head out and down the trail.

A light rain started yesterday at 4pm and rained until 11 am today. It wasn’t to bad since it was a light rain, but later the rain poured down on us before we made it to the lean to and continued to rain until 5pm.. We could hear thunder but could still see some blue sky so we though we would be ok. Well we weren’t!😥

We were headed to a lean to but didn’t make it before the rain started. We got poured on for about a half hour. A lean to never looked so good. We were all happy to get out of the rain.

The crew filtering water to make it safe to drink.

We lost SHORTCUT and PARKING LOT yesterday and they never made it to camp last night. I got a text today the PARKING LOT was not well. I think they took a road into town. Hopefully they will be there when we get there.


We have crossed many streams and walked around few lakes today, but didn’t get many pictures since the weather wasn’t all that nice.

One thought on “RAIN

  1. Please let Shortcut and Parking Lot be OK.I pray for their safety and wellbeing. As for the rain, I think that you can expect more in the forecast I’m sorry to say. It looks awful throughout the NE. Be safe.


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