Northville-Placid Trail

Day 1

Monday August 13, 2018

13.2 miles

The crew: BEELINE, ME SOULFLOWER, SHORTCUT,PARKING LOT, and AMY (name to be determined).

I get into bed last night at 11:30pm and it takes me a bit to fall asleep then I wake up at 4:40 to pee and that is the end of my rest. Our ride was leaving at 6am so I start to get ready. I feel good and awake.

The Katahdin girls: me, SOULFLOWER and SHORTCUT.

The ride to he trail was 3.5 hours long and I was all the way in the back of the van getting car sick. As soon I get out and start walking I started to feel much better.

Beeline getting us all registered

Amy’s husband drove us to the trailhead and he also was kind enough to drop our packs off at the parking lot just before we enter the woods so we can slackpack the 3.5 mile road walk that starts the trail.

A light rain starts before we make it into camp. I set up quickly and get my chores done quickly so I can get off my feet. They are feeling tired and a little sore from all the uneven terrain.

Trail markers.

The trail has been beautiful for just a walk in the woods. We passed a couple of beautiful lakes and the trail has been very well marked so far.

SOULFLOWER crossing the stream. We all made it safely with dry feet.

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