Things I learned on the Colorado trail…

Sunday August 5, 2018

It is good to be home with my family again and I am working on planning my next hike to New York. I will be hiking the Northville-Placid trail around the Adirondack Mountains with my Aunt Julie and one of her friends who I have not met before, but also has the same name as me so she has to be great, and the two wonderful woman I summited Katahdin with…SOULFLOWER and SHORTCUT!!! Five woman walking in the woods. I bet this trip will be epic.

So the Colorado trail…

  1. IS VERY DRY. I had no idea just how dry it would be. I had a lot of trouble with my nose. It was just so uncomfortable to breath. I had dry crusted blood and huge buggers I was blowing out regularly. How is that for a pretty picture? In the two and a half weeks I was there it really didn’t improve much. It even smelled dusty.
  2. THERE IS A LOT OF SUN EXPOSURE. I was totally unprepared for all of the exposure. I spent the first week walking under my umbrella until I could get some better clothing that covered me more.
  3. FIRES. They are very serious out here. On a lot of sections of trail I could see the past scars from fire damage on the trees. The locals take fires very seriously. If they see smoke they are calling it in right away and also advising you about the fire bans in the areas.
  4. IT IS VERY DUSTY. It was kind of like walking in a bowl of wheat flour. With the lack of rain the trail is very dusty and you cannot walk directly behind the person in front of you. It reminds me of Pigpen from the Charlie Brown movie with his dust cloud following him. It makes for some very black toes at the end of the day.
  5. I HATE THE SAWYER MINI. The Sawyer is a water filtration system that I was to filter water to make it safe for drinking. They have a regular and a mini (which is small and lighter). I thought I would try the mini for this trip since it is smaller and lighter, but it just takes so much time to filter the water it just isn’t worth the weight savings and smaller size. I have gone back to the regular size filter.
  6. NEVER FORGET TO BRING YOUR BUFF. I love my buff, but decided to try just a ear warmer type headband for this trip. I was thinking it would be warmer and I just wouldn’t need the buff, but I was wrong. Most nights it was in the low 40’s to upper 30’s. I use the buff for a hat/neck and face warmer. I also like to cover my eyes while sleeping since it can be very bright depending on the size of the moon. It was a very missed item in this trip.
  7. HIKING WITH SHORTCUT IS A BLAST! We had so many laughs. I mean stomach cramping, wet your panties kind of laughing.
  8. I DON’T NEED TO CARRY A SEPARATE BACKPACK FOR TRAVEL. When I travel I would usually carry a small drawstring backpack to carry some personal items onto the plane with me, but SHORTCUT taught me that I could just use my food bag. Since I need that piece of gear anyway. No need to carry something throughout an entire backpacking trip that I don’t need on trail just to have a travel bag.
  9. MY PUFFY PACKS INTO IT OWN POCKET. Who knew?!?! Another tip taught to me by SHORTCUT. It packs down so much smaller.

Picture of SHORTCUT’S food/travel bag.

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