First half done

Day 15

Sunday July 8, 2018

15.1 Miles Total mileage 247.6

Morning view from the back porch of our resort room.

Last night we made our final plans for our transportation back home. We will be finishing up the trail tomorrow in Salida. We arranged a shuttle driver to pick us up from the trailhead and drive us to the nearest town 14 miles away (Salida). We will spend the night there then take a 3 hour bus ride back to Denver. Where we will catch a 40 minute train ride to the airport for our flights home. It’s going be a long day of sitting around after being on the trail for 2 weeks.

The terrain today was different from what we have been walking through. Today we had more forest and pasture looking areas. We even saw a few cows. It is still beautiful.

The forecast for today didn’t really show any rain, but we managed to find it. And it wasn’t just a tiny shower. It was a storm with thunder and lightening that had a both scream out once. And why not throw some hail in the mix just to make it more fun!!!😫 We slid into camp looking like drowned hikers. I set up my tent for the first time in the rain. It’s not something I would like repeat!

It looks bad and it was bad!

Today was really an enjoyable day until the rain started. We didn’t have may miles to complete so we took some long breaks and talked to a lot of hikers. It was really enjoyable when your not trying to crush the miles.

Day 16

Monday July 9, 2018

5.3 miles Total mileage 252.9

Today was my last day on trail. I have completed just over half of the 486 miles of the Colorado trail. I do plan to come back to finish it and hopefully with the same girls that I started it with this year.

When I left camp this morning my shoes were still wet from yesterday’s rain and I didn’t want to get my dry socks wet so I put some doggie poop bags over my socks then slid my feet into my shoes. It looks retarded and you should like you are wearing a diaper but I was happy. No wet socks for this hiker chic!

What ever it was must have died from the heat and dust inhalation.

I am happy to be headed home tomorrow. I miss my family and can’t wait to be together with them again.

My hiking partner SHORTCUT loves luxurious travel when she is not sleeping in a tent. Tonight we are staying at a 5 star hotel in Salida called The Palace Hotel. I am definitely learning a few things about travel from her. Thank you SHORTCUT. It has been a very fun and pleasurable trip traveling with you.

I would like to thank my wonderful husband, Jim for all his support. I love you, Babydoll.

Also thank you Nikki and Dr Nong for allowing me to take the time off of work and the girls there for making due without me.

5 thoughts on “First half done

  1. Guess we will both get home close to the same time. I think that my time in Maine was as spectacular as your time in Colorado. Can’t wait to compare notes.


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