I’m getting funny looks!!!

Day 9

Monday July 2, 2018

21.9 Miles Total mileage 157.8

SOULFLOWER will be leaving us today. She has something that came up from home that she needs to take care of. So she dropped us back off to continue on our way. Her blisters are continuing to heal, but still bother her some. I am very thankful of the time I was able to spend with her and all that she did for me. She is a wonderfully special friend.

These photos are from the night that I had the ice on my tent. The night before last. From left to right is my tent, SOULFLOWER’S, we both have solo tents and SHORTCUT’S two man tent.

This is my cook system. Stove and pot which I use just to boil water. And a food container where I mix my dehydrated food with the boiling water and let it sit for about 20 minutes to rehydrate. I carry 2 one liter smart water bottles for clean drinking water.

This is me laying down inside my tent. It seems to have gotten smaller then I remember. Or maybe it’s just that I see how much room SHORTCUT has in her tent and I’m envious!

We had a cool start to the day as SOULFLOWER dropped us back off at the trailhead. The temperature gauge in the car said it was in the mid 30’s. Today ended up being one of our best weather days on the trail. Within a couple of hours we were both taking off our jackets. The terrain wasn’t too bad, and we had less sun exposure and cooler temperatures.

Feel like taking a break? We saw this early in the day so we didn’t make use of it but you do occasionally run into benches on the trail. This is the nicest one I have ever seen. It even had a bench in front of the swing to put your feet up on!😊

The views were spectacular again today. It amazes me all the flowers that grow above treeline. They are everywhere.

We crossed over some snow that was still covering a small section of trail.

We even saw our first horse on the trail today.

I’ve been getting some funny looks from hikers that are going in the opposite direction on the trail! When your out here sometimes you just don’t care what you look like and this is one of those times. 🀣

I have my banana over my head to keep the sun off my neck and face as much as possible, but I also discovered that when I tie it under my nose it filters out some of the dust I breath in.

12 thoughts on “I’m getting funny looks!!!

      1. It’s a big temperature swing here. We can wake up in the 30’s then a few hours later be sweating our asses off in the 80’s. It’s a little tough getting going in the morning, but warms up quickly. Hope you are well and enjoying your trip.

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  1. How I wish I could have stayed with you! Thank you for sharing your adventure and the beautiful pictures. My thoughts are with you every day, and I hope with all my heart you will make some good memories out there! Love to you and Shortcut!


    1. Hiking with SHORTCUT has been amazing she is so funny!!! And the mood swings will make your head spin. I have had a good time and can’t wait for us all to be together again in New York. Wish we planned this better so you were here too. The trail has gotten better. And the sun exposed areas are not as bad, but I still stay covered up. We made our plans to go home. SHORTCUT is going to leave with me. We will be in Salida tomorrow and take the bus back to Denver on Tuesday. To fly home. Hope your feet are feeling better.


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