Breckenridge, Colorado

Day 6 Friday June 29, 2018

6.3 miles Total mileage 104.1

I had a little difficulty sleeping last night I woke up sneezing and then had a stuffy nose. My nose has plaged me the most with the dryness here. I had hear a pack of coyotes howling last night. I would l love to see one. Although, just a friendly one that is not hungry for my measly muscles.

Today we hiked into Breckenridge, Colorado after 6 days on the trail. This is the longest I have ever gone between town stops. I have done 5 days but never 6. I am more than ready to get cleaned up and do laundry.

This is the view a we hike down into Breckenridge. This town is surrounded by beautiful mountains.

SOULFLOWER picked us up from the trailhead. She plans to travel we us as we head south and provide trail magic to hikers along the way. We did all kinds of errands which took up most of the day. First stop was the post office to pick up my package and SHORTCUT’S credit card she had mailed to her. Then I hit a couple of stores to get a longsleeve shirt and some knee high socks, while SHORTCUT arranged lodging for us. SHORTCUT travels in style. We are staying in a two bedroom/two bath room at Beaver Run Resort. It’s a very nice place with a kitchen, living room with fireplace and a small dining room. It’s a huge change from sleeping in a tent.

This is my late lunch/early dinner after getting cleaned up. Seafood linguini. It was excellent and there are leftovers to pack out for lunch tomorrow.

SHORTCUT has a terrible blister, but she is tufting it out. She said that is really doesn’t bother her to much. SOULFLOWER ended up getting off the trail because of blisters, but her blisters were on the bottom of her feet and she said it felt like she was walking on walnuts!😫 So that was the reason she got off the trail. So far I have not had any blisters.

The two pictures below are from the the balcony of our room just after the sun has gone down.

Since I posted a picture of SHORTCUT’s horrible toe blister she wanted to make sure I post what she calls my Mary Poppins/Bandit look. So there you have it. You may have to zoom in to see me better.

3 thoughts on “Breckenridge, Colorado

  1. Wow, Amy! It sounds like a much different atmosphere hiking then the AT with the dryness, lack of shade and all the dust! The snow covered mountains are so beautiful. Enjoy the Rocky Mountain “high” and stay safe. C U @ home.

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  2. The pics are stunning! Definitely different terrain from the AT! That blister looks so painful! Believe me when I tell you I totally understand the bliss of a shower after having been out on the trail for so long. I’m rejoicing with you…and lusting after that pasta!

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