I’m on another adventure!!

Sunday June 24,2018

This girl is gone again. For those of you who don’t know I am hiking a portion of the Colorado trail with the two girls that I summited Katahdin with last year. These girls are amazing and so fun to be around.

It’s hard to believe I was in Orlando this morning. Its been a long day. I left at 8am headed to Colorado. Then hike 11.2, finishing up at about 6 p.m. mountain time.

The flight went well, but we were stuffed in like sardines. I flew on frontier airlines and the seat are really small. Even the tray table was tiny. Smallest one I have ever seen.

I had a local named Aimee pick me up and shuttle me to the trail. She thru hiked the trail 2 years ago and she is a runner so we had lots to talk about. She had her dog Bear with her and he was so good.

I arrived at the trail at noon and spotted SOULFLOWER and SHORTCUT right away. We were on our way a half hour later. The first 7 miles in were on a large dirt road so it was easy walking. I was in awe. It was pretty beautiful minus the storm clouds. We did get trained on a couple of time but it wasn’t crazy heavy.

We did get to see Bullhorn sheep. I guess see them at the beginning of the trail is pretty popular. They even put on a show for us.

Day 2

Monday June 25, 2018

22.5 miles Total mileage 33.5

I didn’t sleep well last night. I was a little cold and my hips were aching from the transition from a nice comfortable bed to a blow up sleeping pad. We dry camped last night which means that we weren’t near a water source. We carried water in to camp with us. Then today hiked about 5.5 miles to the next source. It was pretty chilly this morning and I didn’t take off my jacket until after getting water, about 3 hours into the hike.

I carried out 2 liters since the next source was 10 miles away. I am so thankful that I did because this section was hard and hot. There was no tree cover. Then after filling up with more water it was more of the same for most of the day…dry and sun exposed. I am very sun burned.

I didn’t see the girls all day. Later I turned my cell on and had a text from SOULFLOWER. She was light headed and had stayed at the second water source not feeling well and thinking she may have to go home. I was able to talk to her and she was going to text me in the morning and see how she felt. I think the sun really got to her today. Unfortunately I was way on down the trail. Please say a pray for her that it’s not something medical.

Today was a tough day and the water sources were far apart. There was a water source listed in my guide as having water and my planned stop for the day, but the source was dry and I had to hike further than I wanted to.

Day 3

Tuesday June 26, 2018

20.4 miles Total mileage 53.9

I feel like I am really not prepared for this trail. Today was a rough day. There is a ton of sun exposure and I am very sun burnt. I wish I was wearing a long sleeve shirt, but I don’t have one with me. I’ve just been wearing my arm warmers which are a tad on the warm side. Plus it is so dry and many of the water sources are dry, which is a recipe for dehydration. I’m also having a hard time breathing through my nose and mouth because of the dryness here. I’ve resorted to tying a banana around my face just so I can breath a little bit moister air back in.

None of our camp sites have been nice and tonight is the second night that I have dry camped. On top of all that my butt started to chafe yesterday and got worse today. I won’t post a picture of this one.😀

We also had a 3000 foot climbed. I had to take numerous breaks on the way up. The worse thing about this climb was no view at the top. I haven’t had any signs of altitude sickness but I have had some minor headaches. Currently I am camped at 10925 feet.

This is SHORTCUT pictured above leading the way.

Day 4

Wednesday June 27, 2018

20.5 miles Total mileage 74.4

View from my campsite.

I camped about a half mile down the trail from SHORTCUT last night. I was ready to call it quits for the day and the campsite only had room for one tent. I quickly set it up and just laid down inside to rest for a while before getting up to do everything that needed to be done.

I slept well and only had go get up twice to pee during the night. Each time I got up it was so light out because of the full moon I didn’t even need my flashlight. The picture below is the view from my camping spot last night.

I caught up to SHORTCUT a couple of miles down the trail and we pretty much stayed together for most of the day.

I was thinking about getting off the trai and going into town. I want to see if I could get in contact with SOULFLOWER and see if she was on trail or if she had gone home. I was hoping to get a cell signal to see if I could reach her, but SHORTCUT got a message from her. She was getting off the trail and going home. She had acquired some pretty bad blisters and didn’t want them to get infected. I was glad we got word before I tried to go into town because it was a 20 mile hitch that I wasn’t crazy about doing along. SHORTCUT was going to stay on the trail.

There was a lot of sun exposure again today and I am even more sunburned. I used my umbrella for almost all of the day to keep the sun off me. I even had a guy tell me he wished he had one. I also saw another woman out here with an umbrella. This is Betty pictured below.

Picture of my sunburned legs and hand.

I saw a number of deer today early in the morning and even this evening near camp.

On a good note my butt chaffing was nearly non existent today, since I was hiking in a pair of underwear that I have not hiked in before. They didn’t stay in place and spent most of the day in the crack of my ass, which eliminated the chafing. 😀

This is a view from my lunch spot.

If you look closely you can see snow on the mountains in the distance.

I took this lovely picture so you can see just how dusty and dirty it is out here. It took me a while to get that all cleaned up with a couple of baby wipes and some paper towels (aka toilet paper).

Day 5

Thursday June 28, 2018

23.4 miles Total mileage 97.8

I slept excellent last night. I didn’t even have to get up to pee.

As I was heading down the trail early this morning I saw either a herd of elk or bull deer. They were to far away for me to tell. Plus I’ve never seen a bull deer before so I really don’t know what they look like, but Jim said that may have been what I saw.

I had a great hike this morning and the scenery was beautiful. I even stepped on some snow that was on the trail. There is still some visible snow on the mountain tops.

Then things got hot and the last climb was miserable! It is so dry and dusty. My nose is all crusted with dirt and dried blood.

My calfs muscles are feeling better, but the front of my shins are still sore.

My feet are doing well considering the mileage I have been doing.

SOULFLOWER got off trail and flew back to Grand Junction where she left her car and is now driving to Breckenridge to meet us tomorrow. She plan to do a little trail magic for some of the hikers on the trail and follow us and give us aid where needed.

I wish I had better sun protection out here. Longsleeve shirt, knee socks, and sun gloves are all things I am going to look for when I get to town tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “I’m on another adventure!!

  1. Hello Amy, We are following you again! Sounds like a beautiful but tough challenge, especially with the sun. We found that the higher altitude and dry air allowed more solar exposure than we Florida guys are used to. But you know that! Hope you trip finishes well and you really enjoy the scenery, it is amazing. Chip

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