Uncle Johnny’s Hostel

Tuesday April 24, 2018

I spent yesterday in a warm cabin at Uncles Johnny’s staying warm and sharing laughs with Mom and REBOUND. The weather outside was nasty. The temperature was in the 50’s, with the rain and high winds. I was glad to be inside.

Uncle Johnny’s is a famous place on the AT. Unfortunately, Uncle Johnny passed away earlier this year, but his place is still as lively as ever. The first night we were there the partying lasted until 3am. Some of the wedding guests from SYD THE KID and FRY’S wedding were staying there and they were celebrating! This is the wedding that SOULFLOWER flew east for. She met them while on the AT on 2015.

Meet Steve. This little chihuahua has hiked from the beginning of the trail to here, about 300 miles of trail. He is a cute and friendly little guy.

I said goodbye to REBOUND this morning. Her husband came and picked her up to take her back to Arkansas for a week of rest and to wait out the cold weather.

2 thoughts on “Uncle Johnny’s Hostel

  1. Nice pics of Uncle Johnny’s! I enjoyed this day with you so much! I’m still behind on my blogs, but hoping to catch up soon! I want to keep walking while I am here at home so I won’t lose any of my stamina before I get back to the trail. I walked 10 miles yesterday in the cold drizzle. Walking is so time consuming when I am at home! Then, there was laundry, cooking, taking care of the chickens, spending time with Bud, etc. Hoping to write a blog today from my POV about meeting you guys.

    I hope you are having some good weather where you are and are able to camp out!

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    1. I enjoy the day and the many laughs we had. Glad to hear you are still walking. I think that is important.
      I did get to spend the night out last night. I found a nice quiet stealth campsite. It got down into the low to mid 40’s. It was chilly but not so cold that my hands got painful.


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