Sunday April 22, 2018

I finely got to met one of my biggest supporters from my thru hike today. Kara aka REBOUND and I met online several years ago as we were both preparing for big hikes and became friends. She is the one who kept me on the trail when I wanted to quit last year during my thru hike. Unfortunately today will be the only day I get to hike with her. She is going home for a week to wait out some cold weather. It has been a really tough season for her. She has had some really cold nights where she has been so cold she couldn’t even sleep. But I feel blessed that I was able to meet her. She seems so awesome and I feel blessed to have met her.

I will be sitting out the next two days and won’t be hiking. The weather looks really bad. Lots of rain moving in and since I don’t have to be out in it I’m choosing to wait it out. I know if I was on trail with SOULFLOWER we would definitely be looking for a dry place to wait it out. I can remember one time while we were on the trail together we did the mileage we had planned over two days in one day just to escape some rain. And ended up taking two zero days to stay dry. Hiking and tenting in the rain is no fun.

Today I hiked south from Erwin to meet REBOUND on the trail. We met up at No Business Ķnob Shelter, a spot I remember taking a snack break with HOOTIE last year. I then turned around with her and followed her back to town.

The views out of Erwin were amazing. The temperature was in the low 50’s when I started at 7:40. I had a 1600 foot climb out of town and I was soon warm. It was mostly cloudy for most of the day with the sun just peaking out occasionally. I ended up hiking almost 12.5 miles for the day.

5 thoughts on “Blessed

  1. Amy, I can’t tell you how much it meant to me that you drove all that way to meet me, and persisted, in spite of the difficulty we had with communication and figuring out logistics, in making it happen. Though we only had a half a day of actually hiking together, my time with you will be a fond memory of mine for years to come. Actually, it will be one of my favorite highlights of my thru-hike this year.

    Thank you for the trail magic, your kindness, generosity, the stay in the cabin, and much needed HELP! I don’t know what we would have done without you. Thanks, too, for sharing your Mom and Berkeley. 🙂 Thanks, Bev, for your listening ear, motherly advice and for that awesome Italian Dinner. I MISS YOU GUYS ALREADY! I hope we will have another opportunity in the future to meet again. You have touched my heart, and will not soon be forgotten.


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