Sunday April 15, 2018

I’m taking an impromptu trip to meet up with the two women that I summited Katahdin with last year.

SOULFLOWER is heading east from Colorado for a wedding in Tennessee. SHORTCUT and I are driving up from Florida to see her. These two women that I meet on the trail have become great friends.

After a short visit with them I will then head up to Erwin, Tennessee to join REBOUND, who is thru hiking the AT. She attempted to thru hike two years ago and almost made it all the way before her body gave out on her. She had less then 300 miles to go. She was a huge supporter for me during my hike. So I hope to return the favor. She is a very strong woman and I can’t believe she is starting again from the very beginning.

5 thoughts on “OH YEAH BABY…

    1. I’m in rough shape. Once I decided to do this trip. I started to walk with my full weight pack and in the hiking shoes that I thought I would be wearing. That only lasted one trip, the shoes made one of my toes sore. So I ordered new shoes and they arrived today. I will only get a chance to walk in them once before hitting the trail, but they are the same shoes I thru hiked in. But my hips are bruised, I have sore leg muscles and butt chafing.


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