Embrace the rain

Monday October 9, 2017

Neel Gap to Cooper Gap 19.1 miles

Total Mileage 2161.9

It looked like we were going to have a break in the weather until about noon, but it started to rain on us about 10:30am. I didn’t even put on my raincoat. It was pretty humid and I just started a climb. If I would have put on the raincoat I would have been sweating so bad I would have been wet anyway. So I just embraced the rain and continued on.

We hike straight through today without out stopping for a lunch break. HOOTIE had some leftover pizza that he ate while hiking and I just had snacks. This was the first time I hike so far without taking a break. I do remember hiking a 12 mile day in the rain back in NY with out taking a break, but I finished that day close to noon. This day I didn’t finish until about 2:45pm.

I definitely have a problem with my phone so no pictures today. The photo above was taken by HOOTIE of Blood Mountain Shelter.

Today day I am thankful to be so close to the end. I only have 2 more days of hiking.

One thought on “Embrace the rain

  1. Yes embrace the rain. Even though San Francisco is about 100 miles south of the Santa Rosa fires, the city is blanketed in smoke and we occasionally experience some falling ash. Rain would be a blessing here. Looking forward to getting back home tomorrow but I will truly miss San Francisco.

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