Jim’s back!

Saturday October 7, 2017

Unicoi Gap, GA to Neel Gap, GA 21.2 miles

Total mileage 2132.7

I have breakfast from the ExxonMobil station across the street from the Budget Inn in Hiawassee where I stayed the night last night. I bought a chocolate milk, 440 calories and a muffin 600 calories! I had a breakfast totaling 1040 calories. How does a muffin even contain 600 calories. It’s no wonder the general population is overweight.

Our weather today was pretty nasty compared to the past few days. It was foggy, misting/raining and just plain ugly. But at least it was a slackpack. This area was hit pretty good by Hurricane Irma and there were reports of 160 down trees on the trail. We have been going under, over and around downed trees since Tennessee /North Carolina, but Georgia has had the most downed so far. It has also had the most trail clean up done.

I still have 4 more days of hiking to finish the trail and Hurricaine/tropical storm Nate to deal with. The weather calls for 100% chance of rain for tomorrow. I have a short 10 mile day planned. Hopefully it won’t take longer than 4 hours to complete.

My men (Jim and Berkley) picked me up today. I won’t be separated from them any longer. They will be with me until the end of the trail and I will go home with them.

Today I am thankful for being with my family again!

4 thoughts on “Jim’s back!

  1. I’m so happy to hear about your final reunion! I know the rest of the hike has to be much easier knowing you will see them each night. Maybe you are already home? I guess we will find out. 🙂

    Though I know it’s dreary to hike in, I love the fog pics!!

    Hike on, Sister! The finish line is within sight!

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  2. I can’t believe the miles you are able to cover, with all the trees you have to go over, around iand through. What a challenging way to finish!

    I am eager every day to hear your progress. You’ve got your loyal followers on pins and needles!


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