So close!

Wednesday October 4, 2017

Wayah Bald, NC 17.6 miles

Total mileage 2070.4

Hopefully today will be my last day carrying a full pack. I hope to slack the rest of the way to Springer Mountain in GA.

Today was another beautiful day. The trail involved a big climb out of the NOC, but we did that early in the morning while the weather was cooler.

The trail has been pretty. I would walk through areas where the trail was covered with red leaves and other areas of yellow or brown leaves. Some areas of rock which is my least favorite. There were also some glittery areas today as well as some areas of charred woods from fires last year caused by an arsonist.

I made it to my Mom’s favorite place on the trail, Wayah Bald. She and Dad would regularly visit this area in the fall. The stone fire tower no longer has a roof. It burned in the fires last year.

We stop for lunch at a Rocky Bald. It was a little off trail, but a hiker we ran into along the trail this morning said it was worth the side trail.

Today I am thankful to be so close to the end. I am ready to give my feet a break. I just hope that I haven’t done any damage to them that won’t heal with time.

4 thoughts on “So close!

  1. I’ll bet Fall is glorious on the trail. I’m so glad you’ve had good weather, and hope it continues to the end.

    After I got off the trail…for a month (maybe two) I felt like a cripple when I would get up to walk after sitting for a while. Actually, I don’t know what hurt more–my feet or my bum getting use to sitting again. I hadn’t expected the derriere pain, but I had no padding left back there. When I would take my first steps after sitting, my feet hurt, the muscles were kind of curled up and they would not straighten out very well. It took me several steps before I was walking like a normal person. Eventually, it did go away and now there is no pain at all.

    I heard from one other person (I think it was the guy who runs the Mountain Home Kabbin–I think that’s what it was called. You mentioned staying there. They are restoring the big historical house and the hostel was a cute little two-story cabin.) Anyway…he said that his feet hurt and were numb for much longer than two months, but it eventually went away. I think numbness would scare me even more than pain.

    You are very strong to push through the pain, but you will be so glad you did. I know it’s hard to imagine, but this time next year, you will be wishing you were back on the trail. 🙂

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  2. It’s so nice that, even after all this time on the trail, you can appreciate the beauty of it. I’m guessing that when you get home, you’re going to feel the need to get outside often. Not hiking, but just not being indoors for too long without breathing in fresh air and seeing the sky.

    I agree wholeheartedly with what your friend said about feet healing. It takes time and patience, but your body does eventually forgive you. And, before you know it, you’ll be planning another adventure. Believe me, I’m a poster child for: (1) having a big adventure/competition, (2) getting injured, (3) wondering if I’ll ever heal, (4) healing, (5) making plans for another big event, (6) repeating from above.

    I cannot believe how close you are to the end of this big adventure of yours. You are the first person I’ve personally known who has done this. Thank you for taking me along through your blog.

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  3. Glad you have made it through to here! Wish we could have been there to give you a place. Way is one of our favorite places and not far from the place we stay. We are heading up tomorrow, a day earlier than planned, in case Nate has impact on the weather Sunday-Monday. We should be there in the evening. You have been such an inspiration to my grand-daughters. Me too. We have read all through your journey. I look forward to your photos and comments. Thanks! Chip and Linda

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  4. In looking ahead at the elevation profile in the AWOL guidebook, regarding your remaining days on the trail, it looks like you won’t have any more massive uphills like the last one you just did. Of course, to your feet, it all must be a challenge.

    You and Hootie deserve any kindness the trail can give you!

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