Less than 100 miles to go!

Thursday October 5, 2017

Winding Stair Gap to Deep Gap 24.4 miles slackpacking

Total mileage 2094.8

I officially have less than 100 miles to go! Woo-hoo!

We are jumping around on the trail and doing longer mile sections because of an approaching storm and the potential for a lot of rain. Jim is coming up on Saturday to slackpack us the rest of the way to Springer Mountain in GA. We will do the shorter miles sections on the rainy days with his help.

Today was a challenge for me with the big miles. We didn’t get on the trail until 9am and had a 5:30pm pickup time. I would have to average 3 mph all day to make it. I didn’t make it! I was 20 minutes late, but our shuttle driver was even later. So it all worked out.

There were so many sections of trail that have been burned in the recent fires last fall.

Today I am thankful for my SAFTEY on the trail. With the fast pace I was trying to maintain I am more likely to have a fall and I didn’t have any.

3 thoughts on “Less than 100 miles to go!

  1. I can’t even begin to imagine how you were able to maintain that pace for such a long distance all day. You obviously have a huge amount of determination. Or, one might say, balls!

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  2. I am at the ALDHA Gathering in Abingdon, VA. Billy Goat asked about you, and Grey Ghost is here, too, and they both send their regards! I am thinking of you every day! Actually I wish I could hike the last few days with you and celebrate your finish, but I will have to do that in spirit. Let’s please stay in touch! I should see you some time in December, if things work out like I hope. Hugs! (Soulflower)

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