Trail Horrors

Sunday October 1, 2017

Fontana Lodge 12.7 miles

Total mileage 2025.8

I had an horrible night last night. There were a bunch of weekenders at the shelter and they made TWO campfires not one. One was actually in the shelter in the fireplace and I think the chimney was partially blocked. I was getting smoked out. My eyes were burning and I couldn’t breath. I was up past 11pm. I wanted to scream! Now everything I have stinks like a campfire.

I do have to admit that the day was beautiful once it warmed up, but it was a real frigid morning. I would guess in the 40’s again and windy, which made it feel like freezing weather. But I really didn’t enjoy it much. My feet bother me the longer I am on them. The days use to go by fast but now they just seem to drag. It takes forever just for lunch time to roll around.

Then when we reach Fontana Marina to call for a shuttle for a shuttle the hotel the phone doesn’t work and there is no service here. That’s why there is a phone here for hikers to use. I use my GPS to ask Jim to call and he tells me that the hotel said shuttle service only runs during the summer when I specifically asked the hotel if they would be able to pick me up. Jim tells me the the maintance man should be back from lunch in 15 minutes and they will see if he can come pick us up. In the mean time an AT shuttle driver drives by to pick up some other hikers and I ask if he can take us where we need to go and luckily he can.

Then when we get to the hotel our room isn’t ready and we have to wait two hours. I was so upset I was ready to explode. I just wanted to get rid of this campfire smell and get off my feet. Plus it would have been great to get a nap in since I was up so late last night.

Once I get to the laundry mat there are only two washers working and I have to wait 30 to use one. And I watch the women before me take her clothes out of the washer soaking wet and soapy. She rings the clothes out and wishes me good luck with the washer.

I thought this life would be so simple, but truly no life is simple. There are good days and bad days. I just haven’t learned how to not let the bad days bother me so much.

I think I have posted enough about how hard this has become and how much pain I am in. I will be commiting to finding joy in each day from now on.

I will be thankful for positive thinking.

15 thoughts on “Trail Horrors

  1. Your day today sounds really ugly, but there will be good days coming. I love it that you look for things to be grateful for each day! Keep your chin up! I send you smiles and hugs!

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  2. Oh no. 😦 I think you’ve earned the right to complain a bit. You’ve been on the trail a long time.

    I’m sorry about the bad night. It really is infuriating to have DADGUM, STINKING HIKERS WHO ACTUALLY WANT TO BUILD CAMPFIRES and TALK AFTER DARK when you are so tired and just want to sleep, like ‘normal’ thru-hikers are supposed to. I always set up my tent, and it never failed that someone would want to build a fire right next to my tent. I was so angry that they would do that and take a chance that an ember would burn a hole in my expensive lightweight tent! Several times I stuck my head out of my tent and effectively threw cold water on their good time by asking them if they were REALLY going to make a campfire THAT CLOSE to my tent!??!! I’m sure I looked pretty rough and mean, too. 😛

    Really, when your body starts breaking down, everything is harder. Hang in there, Amy. You will be so glad you finished, no matter how hard it gets. You are SO CLOSE. I am so proud of you for making it this far, and I know you can make it to Springer. You go, girl!

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  3. You give me courage to try again and get back on the trail next spring.

    And rest assured that your feet will forgive you when you’re done and will return to normal. My plantar fasciitis is now down from a pain level of 6 to a 3-4, and I can cycle, swim, pool run and do some gentle yoga.

    By the way, hi to Soulflower!

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  4. Do you want some company? I might be able to drive over and hike a few days with you. I skipped Unicoi Gap to Dick’s Gap going north. I wouldn’t mind filling that in. Let me know if you would like that.

    “Shortcut” Rayanne Kelly Sent from my iPhone Please excuse typos as much of my correspondence is dictated for safety. 267-218-0782


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    1. Sending patience, peace and perseverance!
      Only you can decide how your mind responds
      to the trials and tribulations.
      There’s a patch waiting. Wishing you well. : )
      Hi to soul flower, too.

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