Standing Bear Farm

Monday September 25, 2017

Standing Bear Farm 12.6 miles

Total mileage 1948.7

I slept much better last night. We get our shuttle at 7 am and hit the trail at 7:45.

Today was a hard day for me even with the low mileage. My feet are just sore.

There really was no excitement today except for Standing Bear Farm. It is a pretty interesting place. Many talk bad about it. It’s just pretty rustic in the back woods of Tennessee. It has everything a hiker needs. Laundry, you just have to use a wash board to clean your clothes.

It has a kitchen, bath house although the toilet is non flushing, and a bunkhouse. It also has a tree house.

HOOTIE and I are staying in a cabin which is a step up from the bunkhouse.

We were shown around the property by John who had on interesting attire. John was doing some work for stay on the property and had on a leather tool belt as well as a couple of knives strapped to his belt and knee high leather boots.

Today I’m thankful for HOOTIE leading along the trail and getting most of the cobwebs. I lead for a short while and the cobwebs drove me nuts. I also had a bug buzzing my left ear that drove me nuts.

5 thoughts on “Standing Bear Farm

  1. I’m sorry that your feet are hurting so much. I think they’re saying, “Let’s wrap this thing up soon!”

    And don’t you kinda wonder about those bugs or flies that follow you and drive you nuts? When they eventually get tired of investigating your ear and leave you, do they wonder where their family went? Do they try to go back or make new friends?

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  2. Standing Bear Farm kind of reminds me of the first place Dad and I bought when we finaly had saved enough money to put a down payment on our first home and three months after we moved in, you were born and that was the place we brought you home to. What do they say about life going full circle? Who ever thought that this journey would kind of bring you back to your roots.

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