Bald Mountain

Thursday September 21, 2017 Flint Mountain Shelter 18.9 miles Total mileage 1882.8 Got some great news tonight after a hard day. Jim may be coming up again while I am in the Smokies so I won’t have to carry five days of food and I will get to see him again! Whoo who! That makes my heart swell! 😊 I woke up late this morning! Can you believe it? I do have to admit yesterday was a hard day. HOOTIE didn’t want to leave until 8 am. So I set my alarm for 7 am and I slept right through it. I have been setting an alarm so each time I wake up I don’t and keep checking my watch to see if it is time to get up. I just lay there all snuggled up until it goes off.

I struggled today sore feet, sore back and just tired. The miles passed very slowly. We crossed over Bald Mountain and the views were stunning. Today I am greatful I didn’t fall and knock any teeth out. I did a lot of stumbling today.

8 thoughts on “Bald Mountain

  1. That’s great news that you might get to see Jim again! Yeah…not having to carry 5 days of food over the Smokies is something pretty good to look forward to, also. 🙂

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  2. Wow, that view from Bald Miuntain is amazing.

    How exciting that you can count down now! And it’s so good that you and Hootie form such a good hiking pair. I hope the Smokies won’t beat you up. It sounds like you’ve had some long, tough days. But you’re finishing this crazy thing!!!! It’s gonna feel surreal when you cross over the state line into Georgia.

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  3. You are doing an amazing hiking job! I love following your adventure in the opposite direction of mine. The photos are reminders of what was only months ago but really feel like years ago. Seeing your husband again will be a delight!! Savor it!

    Rayanne Kelly Sent from my iPhone Please excuse typos as much of my correspondence is dictated for safety. 267-218-0782



  4. I’m glad I found your lovely site, such wonderful photos,too. Wishing you both pleasant walking and fair weather on your journey south! I’ll bet you two are great hiking companions, as I’ve met you both separately on the trail and so enjoyed your visits.


  5. Hi! Met you yesterday, 9-217, on Rich Mountain, just north of Hot Srings, with Hootie, and, a few minutes later, Piper. You must have moved on, for we didn’t see you in Hot Springs later. So much fun to meet all three, and very impressive and inspiring. Wish you luck, success, and fun! How can I add the pictures I took? Just a Few Steps and Tortoise.


    1. Hey Guys,
      Great to hear from you and meet you on the trail as well. We will be heading into the Smokies soon. Congratulations on all your trail accomplishments! To send the photo you will have to email it to me. I’ll send you my address.
      Little Bear Stumbles


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