Famous Uncle Johnny’s Hostel

Tuesday September 19, 2017

Uncle Johnny’s Hostel Erwin TN 17.1 miles

Total mileage 1847.1

I was up at 6.30am. Late for me but it doesn’t start to get light until 645. I packed up and we left at 720. It wad a little foggy.

You could really see the fog down on the valley.

Our lunch spot for today. I didn’t think I was going to make it here. My feet and back were bothering me. After getting food in my stomach and a rest for my feet and back I was ready to go again. Especially when I realized that I only had a little over 4 miles to go.

This is a huge hive we saw along the trail. There was also one hanging above the shelter last night, but I never got up to check it out. I just prayed it didn’t fall out of the tree while I was sleeping.

This is the famous Uncle Johnny’s Hostel in Erwin, TN.

The dog is Jerry Garcia. He had his own sofa in the bunkroom.

Today I am thankful for my hiking partner HOOTIE, who bought me dinner tonight and paid for my bunk. Thanks HOOTIE!

3 thoughts on “Famous Uncle Johnny’s Hostel

  1. AT this point in the hike (for me) every time I tried to walk after resting, I walked like a crippled person. I thought I was the only one having such pain because no one was talking about it. I finally met a few people who said everyone they knew had foot pain. I guess in some weird, perverted way, it made me feel better that I was not the only one, and it was sort of to be expected. I’m sure the extra weight of the pack is not helping you after having a slight break by slack-packing. I hope you’ll be able to take a day of rest, soon.

    That’s a very cool-looking hive! I’m glad one of them ventured out (for your sake.)

    Thank you, Hootie, for your kindness. 🙂

    So… if I remember, after Uncle Johnny’s…you’re getting ready to go through the Smokies, and you are almost finished! Yeah!


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