A Riddle…

Monday September 18, 2017

Cherry Gap Shelter 16.9 miles

Total mileage 1830

I got up this morning and didn’t feel dread. I was ready to go this morning even though I would have to carry my full pack today. It has been close to 10 days since I carried my full pack.

I had a light breakfast, just a protein shake to start the day and didn’t have any unsettled stomach feelings. Plus throughout the day I was ready to eat.

The weather today was cool and sunny. The terrian wasn’t too bad. It was mostly dirt path with plenty of ups and downs and one or two views thrown in to keep you from getting to bored.

I am sleeping in the shelter tonight with HOOTIE and maybe one other section hiker. It is easier, takes less time and I’ve gotten lazy.

A riddle for yall…

You are standing at a river crossing with a boat and a duck, bag of grain and a wolf. You need to get all three across the river but can only take one at a time across the river in the boat. But you can’t leave the duck with the bag of grain because he will eat it and you can’t leave the duck and wolf together because the wolf would eat the duck. How do you get all three across?

Today I am thankful that the rest of my body doesn’t feel as bad as my feet!

3 thoughts on “A Riddle…

  1. My husband came up with this:

    First, take the duck over. Then come back and get the wolf. Take him over, but bring the duck back. Take the grain over, leaving the duck behind. Finally, go back and get the duck and bring him over.

    And I love the selfie in the shelter!

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  2. I’m very bad at riddles so I’m not even going to guess. Since I have a soft spot in my heart for fowl of any kind, I’m just going to pray that someone comes up with a solution to keep that duck alive!

    I’m so happy to see that smile on you face.

    Keep on truckin’!

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