And so it continues

Saturday September 16, 2017

Roan Mountain, TN 13.6 miles

Total mileage 1796.1

I had a good birthday dinner yesterday with Jim. He is my rock. Although I had to say goodbye to him this morning I know that he is with me every step if the way in my heart.

I decide later last night to stay on the and continue hiking. I knew I would regret quitting. So I am still trucking along and hope to finish this. I have less than 400 miles to go.

This bench sat alone the trail. With a view toward the mountains.

Today I am grateful for the love and support from my Mom. She has also done so much for me and continues to support me along the way. Thank you for the trail magic today! When Jim left me this morning he shuttled my stuff to the next hostel so I could slackpack again today and my Mom paid for my stay here plus shuttles as well as HOOTIE’S stay and shuttles. Thanks Mom!

This is shuttle driver Dave waiting on us to shuttle us back to his place (Doe River Rest) for the night.

14 thoughts on “And so it continues

  1. Glad to see you sticking it out.  If it was easy everyone would do it!   Rayanne Kelly Phone 267.218.0782

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  2. WooHoo! 🙂 I’m so glad to hear you are continuing on!

    Happy Belated Birthday! You are so blessed to have been able to spend your Birthday with your husband while on the trail. Thank you, Amy’s Mom! These things mean so much to a thru-hiker on the trail.

    Amy…You go, girl!

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  3. I am so very, very happy to read this! You never need to deny your feelings of being trail weary Feelings are what they are. But you do have the luxury of being able to make up your own mind about your resulting actions, without an injury deciding for you.

    Hour by hour. Day by day. Stopping on those park benches that you might encounter for a minute and admiring the views. Becoming even more deeply aware of the subtle seasonal changes around you. Enjoying having the time to sleep in your darling little tent again, instead of choosing the faster but less appealing option of shelters so often.

    And however many miles you cover before you return to work are a gift to you. No one can ever take these experiences away from you. Numbers aren’t important, mindfulness and gratitude are. And I know you understand this. This is one reason that the drudgery of big miles took away from your natural desire for adventure. And now you’re reclaiming it. You’re truly Hiking Your Own Hike, not being dictated to by an arbitrary date on the calendar that was chosen so very many months ago.

    Amy, my thoughts will continue with you daily …hourly, right now…until you head home with no regrets. And even after then.

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  4. I am glad for you! Glad you had a nice birthday, glad you had time with Jim and your mom, glad Hootie is still with you, and glad you are staying on the trail! You have what it takes, and I know you got this! ❤️ Anything can still happen, and whatever you decide, know you are loved and supported. But I am glad you are giving it a chance and some time to make sure you do what is right for your feeling of wholeness and pride. Love you my daughter of the heart (and trail)!

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  5. OMG!! I can’t even tell you how excited I am for you!! for crying out loud, we started to- gether in Harper’s Ferry and here you are less than 400 friggin’ miles from the completion. Sister,…. you have done soo much, you are doing it. I am so happy for (and a little envious of) you I wish I could transport myself down there like on Star Trek and boost your spirits to carry you those LAST FEW MILES AFTER SO MANY HARDSHIPS. I LOVE the second photo of the path throught the trees with the foliage on the ground. You are almost done. you have so many memories of this time. Keep going.!!

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