Cooler Weather

Friday September 8, 2017

VA 670 Holston River 19.3 miles

Total mileage 1665.1

My zero Wednesday turned into a double zero. I was supposed to have shoes delivered on Wednesday, but they didn’t come in until Thursday. This gave HOOTIE time to catch up to me so we slackpacked together today. We also plan to slackpack tomorrow and Jim will pick us up in the afternoon. He and Mom are coming up to get away from Hurricane Irma that is headed to Florida.

I wish I could say today was a really good day, but it wasn’t. When we left the hotel this morning it was only in the lower 40’s and we had to hike through a meadow. There was actually some ice on the grass. My socks and shoes got wet and it was fridged when that water hit my toes! But that wasn’t the worst part. The worst part was that my right foot really started to bother me even with new shoes on. I took some ibuprofen to help with the pain and I’m hoping I will be able to continue to hike on it.

The actually day was pretty. It was good hiking weather with a high of 70. The sky was clear and the sun was shining brightly. We came to an old school that was part of a settlers museum. It was open so we had a look around.

I saw 3 deer today and it was also good to hike with someone again. It makes the time go by faster when the miles are boring or you are in pain.

I am thankful that some of my family are leaving Florida, evacuating from Hurricane Irma. Which also means that I get to see them since they are coming up here. 😊I wish the best for all of those that are remaining. May you all be safe.

12 thoughts on “Cooler Weather

  1. I am glad Jim and your mom will be with you out of the storm! I wish Tameem had been able to leave, but he feels he is prepared, and also, he doesn’t have to worry about storm surge since he is not near either coast. But nevertheless, we who have to hear about it from afar, are worried about those still in the hurricane’s path. At least your family members will be with you and safe.

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  2. Love that schoolhouse! Yay for the Hootie partner to hike with! I’m very glad your family is getting out of Florida and that you will have that unexpected visit from not just your husband, but your MOM. How cool is that? I’m praying for everyone and everything in Florida! Praying your foot feels better, too!

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  3. I hope your foot feels better soon. It’s amazing how high your mileage is up to. You’re doing it , girl!

    I see my orthopedist tomorrow. I look forward to hearing what she has to say about my tendinitis. It’s still there but the swelling’s all gone now. I look forward to getting out of this blasted boot soon.

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    1. Can’t blame you for wanting out of that boot! I would want out too! High mileage does come at a cost as you will know, but I so want to be done. It really isn’t that fun anymore. It is more like a job now than an adventure.


      1. I can certainly understand your desire to be done. It’s hard for me to imagine being on the trail nonstop for so many months. You have handled both the physical and emotional ups and downs well. But you deserve a good rest! I hope you’ll have a bit of down time before returning to work.


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