First Hiking Marathon

Monday September 4, 2017

Stealth camping @ Lick Creek 1627.7 27.4 miles

Total mileage 1627.7

I decided not to blog while Jim was here so I had more time to spend with him, but I will list the mileage per day.

Friday September 1, 2017

Slackpacking North from 1567.7 to 1554.5 13.2 miles Horrible weather day-rainy, cold and windy

Saturday September 2, 2017

Slackpacking South from 1567.7 to 1581 13.6 miles Bad weather-cold and wet

Sunday September 3, 2017

Slackpacking North from 1599.7 to 1581.3 18.4 miles Good weather-shoes and socks stayed dry.

I had to say goodbye to Jim this morning. It is never easy, but I walk away so thankful for the time we had together. I did feel sick, but not as sick as the day before knowing that our time together was coming to an end.

The times in the past when I was feeling sick was definitely anxiety. I was either nervous about the terrian or the fact that I was doing this alone or both.

I enjoy my time with Jim. He brings lots of food that he prepared and all kinds of supplies I might need. Thank you Paul and Debbie for the ribs! They are awesome. We spend most of our time together snuggled up in bed or…

I also had to help Jim make a repair to his truck. The tail pipe came loose and I had to crawl under the truck and use wire to tie it in place until he can get it fixed back home. This was a first for me, crawling under a truck, but I was glad to help.

Jim seems to be doing well after his rotator cuff surgery, but I think he is frustrated because it is a slow recovery process.

I start the hike with 2.5 liters of water. The water is starting to dry up on the trail and I am having to carry more. Water is heavy. I have a tough time this morning. My pack is uncomfortable with the extra water. As the day progresses and I drink more my pack starts to feel better.

I hear a gun shot. It was really loud and I wonder how close it was. Is it hunting season already? A little while later as I was walking through a dark Rhododendron tunnel I hear another gun shot that sounds like it is right next to me. 😨 I scream out “don’t shoot me!” as I walk out of the tunnel. I see two hunters with their backs to me looking up into the trees. As I approached them I ask if they got it whatever “it” was. One guy tells me he missed and that it was squirrel season. I asked what they are trying to kill it with because the gun blast was so loud? I though surely there would be nothing left to the squirrel of they hit it. They say the gun is just a 22. Well it sure sounded big. I have been in the woods so long and everything is so quiet I guess I was just super sensitive to the blast. I ask if it is safe to go by and they tell me that it is and will give me time to get out of the area. I don’t hear another gun shot for about a half hour and it sounds like it is far away.

I had debated doing a really long day today so I could tent where there was a water source and get to town tomorrow afternoon before the rain that is forecasted starts. Water is scarce and I feel OK so I hike until 7pm getting to a campsite with water. My feet pay a price for this. They are sore.

Today I am thankful for not running out of water although I did get a little dehydrated.

One thought on “First Hiking Marathon

  1. Ouch! My feet hurt just reading about it. I’m sorry to hear you are struggling with water sources and having to carry that much water….water is so heavy. Nice to hear that you had a nice weekend with Jim and that he is recovering nicely.

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