I absolutely hated today!

Wednesday August 30, 2017

Rice Field Shelter 25.3

Total mileage 1547.7

When I got to the shelter last night it was packed with a college orientation group. They are all tenting and not staying in the shelter so there is plenty of room for me. I am the only one in the shelter until another women, section hiking comes in. I sleep great. We both are up early this morning and get packed up. She heads north and I continue south.

I absolutely hated today. I didn’t have any views today until the very end of the day. The trail was overgrown and there was a TON of cobwebs that drove me insane! I actually turned my skirt around because the back is a little longer than the front so it covered up my legs a little more. Then there was the rocks! They really slow you down and trip you up. I was trying to get to a campsite almost 24 miles south of where I started and it was taking FOREVER!

Then… When I get to the campsite I planed to stay at there was a lot of trash laying around and didn’t look inviting so I decided to go to the next shelter. The next shelter didn’t have a water source so I had to carry in extra water. I was already sore and tired. Now I was grumpy, sore and tired. And getting to the next shelter involved walking through more overgrown thorny trail.

When I get to the shelter there are 3 guys there two older brothers in their 60’s and a son in his 40’s. They are all very nice and even hang my bear bag for me with theirs. That is the first time someone had ever done that for me. How kind! But… They start a campfire and the smoke is blowing into the shelter and I hate the smell of it. I’ll forgive them since they were so kind and hung my bear bag.

I have been staying I the shelters more, because 1. I have been hike longer days and it takes less time to get settled and pack up in the morning and 2. Because they have been pretty empty.

Today I am thankful for my friend MISTIC. I saw her today on the trail. I met her last year when I was hiking through the Smokies. I know she planned to thru hike this year and we stayed in touch through email. She started her hike later than I did so I never saw her on my north bound section. When she flipped south she flipped down to GA and hiked north. So that is how we crossed paths.

2 thoughts on “I absolutely hated today!

  1. Oh, my! Over 25 miles? I can see why you hated it. 😦 I confess that I laughed. You’ve been on the trail a while now. 😉 I ‘get’ how infuriating it is when HIKERS who are CAMPING would actually want to make a campfire so close to where you are sleeping…or that PEOPLE who are HIKING would actually want to TALK AND LAUGH after DARK, man! The nerve! 🙂 My blog is full of unkindness toward those people.

    Unfortunately…the terrain….ahhhh…Virginia. ‘Easy’, but boring, weedy and rocky. The green tunnel. Hang in there. You’ll be through it in no time!

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