My feet ache!

Saturday August 26, 2017

US 220 Daleville, VA 18.5 miles

Total mileage 1461.7

THE OLD GUY and I arrive at the shelter last night and we are the only ones there. We decide to sleep in the shelter since it is just the two of us. There is not a bear pole or box and there doesn’t look to be any good trees to hang our food in so we just decide to keep our food inside the shelter with us. Things were fine, no bears or mice bothered us.

We were up and out by 6:20. We covered the 18.5 miles by 3pm. There was a Howard Johnson just a 100 yards from where the trail crossed US 220 and that is where we are staying tonight. My room has a king size bed and a bath tub. Oh what bliss this is. I take a shower then soak in the tub for a while. I was hoping the soak would make my feet all better but that was not the case. They still hurt.

We had some more amazing views again today. The temperature was really good. It was nice and cool when we started and we had cloud cover for most of the day. I have noticed that the leaves are starting to fall. It looks like we may have an early fall.

We do run into a few hikers today. Yesterday we didn’t see any hikers.

The water sources along the trail are really starting to dry up so I really have to make sure I plan ahead. Water is heavy and I hate to carry it but I also have to have it. CHOCOHOLIC is about a week ahead of me on the trail and she has been great about posting up dates on water availability. Thanks CHOCOHOLIC! ☺️

Today I am thankful for the Guthooks app that gives me all kinds of trail information and hikers can post updates on it as well. This is where I have been getting my water updates.

3 thoughts on “My feet ache!

  1. It’s the most bizarre thing. I was at EXACTLY the same town, the same hotel on Friday and Saturday a week ago when my feet really started hurting. Is it the HoJo’s? I iced them a couple of times and really stayed off them for a good zero day.

    Do keep in mind that the chiropractor/acupuncturist a week down the trail from you at Angels Rest Hikers Haven is very good. And you can do a lot of slackpacking from here. Her motto is ,”We can slackpacking your ass all the way to Damascus.” If you’re willing to pay, of course. 🙂

    Hang in there! You’ve gotten through other hurdles before this. But why does it have to be so darned dry???

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  2. Guthook is a lifesaver! I didn’t download it until the last part of my hike, too. So glad you have that!

    After a while, I started taking Ibuprophen every day and it helped my feet a lot. I didn’t want to do it because I know it’s not good for the gut. I started taking it for body pain, but noticed it helped my feet, too. I’m just tossing that out there in case you get desperate enough that you need to do it.

    I’m also grateful for your cooler weather! …and a night in the motel! Nothing like cotton sheets and a/c after several days of being sticky and grimy and humid.

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