1400 Miles

Wednesday August 23, 2017

US 501 Glasgow, VA

Total mileage 1404.9

I slept well last night at the hostel. I had the room to myself and I even had my own toilet. The caretaker, Donna told me it was an emergency toilet since the house only had one bathroom for everyone. The toilet was in a small closet. So small that you can’t close the door so everyone has to leave the bedroom that the closet was in so you could have some privacy. It was great for me since I was the only one in here.

Our shuttle driver, Bob takes us back to the trail at 6 am. THE OLD GUY is slackpacking with me again today. It is sprinkling. The chance of rain today is only 20%. We hit the trail at 6:40 and the rain stops shortly after. I make THE OLD GUY lead so he gets all the cobwebs for me. It’s a nice treat. We have cloud cover until noon. I am so grateful for this. Even with the cloud cover I am a sweaty mess.

We take a break for lunch at the top of Bluff Mountain. There is a monument there for little Ottie Cline Powell. He wandered away from the school house while collecting fire wood and his body was found at the top of this mountain. He wasn’t even 5 years old yet and the top of this mountain was 7 miles from the school house.

The rest of the day is a struggle for me. I was tired after lunch and my feet were getting sore. We finish at 3:40 pm and our shuttle driver was there waiting on us with the car running and the AC on. The cool air felt so good and I am thankful I get to shower tonight.

When Jim and I talked last night we made plans to see each other. We are hoping that Jim can move a physical therapy appointment and that he will be able to drive up to see me. I am so excited about this. Babydoll, be warned I’m going to slobber kisses all over you when I see you.

I am thankful for chocolate! The world’s best treat.

4 thoughts on “1400 Miles

  1. I remember the stickiness from the heat and humidity mixed with sweat from hiking this time of year in Virginia. Showers feel nice! I hope Jim can get up there to see you and that he is healing nicely from his surgery. Congratulations for staying with it to 1400! You will make it to the end!!

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