Bears! ❤️🐻❤️

Saturday August 19, 2017

Rockfish Gap Waynesboro, VA 20 miles

Total mileage 1327.9

I had the most amazing morning! 😊First of all I over sleep and wake up 20 minutes before my shuttle back to the trail leaves. But no worries I am ready to go. I stayed at a hostel last night and the bunkroom was like a dungeon. It was very dark and cool and I slept like a rock!

Then on the way back to the trail on Skyline Drive I see 6 deer. Plus one in the woods today for a total of 7 deer today.

I also saw a momma bear and two little baby bears. The mom was actually a little on the thin side but still pretty good size. And the cubs were so cute. ❤️🐻❤️

The trail was pretty boring today. There weren’t any good views and I couldn’t stop thinking about the bears.

I am now done with the Shenandoah National Park and will continue my way south.

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