More Rain!

Tuesday August 15, 2017

Byrds Nest #3 Hut 17.5

Total mileage 1251

I woke up early but it was still dark, very dark. I laid around and replied to an email from CHOCOHOLIC. It almost sounds like it is raining out. I start to pack up in the dark and as I finish up it is light enough out to hike without a light. I hike out at 6:30.

It looks very overcast and foggy. I decided to check weather on my GPS. It says 80% chance of rain. It starts to rain soon after I start. It was a light rain and the trees block most of it. So I don’t need any rain gear. It rains off and on most of the morning but nothing intense.

I stop at a wayside for breakfast. I have 2 eggs with ham, hash browns and toast. I also indulge and have a cinnamon roll. It wasn’t that good, but it filled the belly.

I have bigger climbs today than I did yesterday, but the trail is still pretty nice. I did have some rocky trail but it is still better than up north.

When I stopped for breakfast I noticed an area on my left calf looks red and is a little sore. Then when I stop for lunch I notice the area is really sore and it is also swollen. I did notice I got bit by a horse fly looking thing on my other leg and that area is a little sore also. So maybe that is what it is. I put some antibiotic cream on both areas and will take a look at it again in the morning.

The sun did come out for a very short while today but was overcast for most of it. And the views from the mountain tops were total whiteouts. I didn’t see any deer this morning until the rain stopped and then I see four. I decided today that if I saw some deer I would try to get some pictures of them.

Today I am thankful for the good food that I am able to eat while at home. I sure do miss that fresh stuff on the trail.

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