I’m hot!

Thursday August 17, 2017

Pinefield Hut 19.8 miles

Total mileage 1294

I packed up in dark and headed out just after 6 am. It seemed lighter out this morning. Maybe because today was supposed to be a nicer day. Whatever the reason I’ll take it. I didn’t need to use my flashlight. I was soon a sweaty mess. It was hot today with temperatures close to 90.

I had mostly dirty path today and not to many exciting views. The views I did have were a little hazy. I didn’t see any deer today. It was my first day since flipping back down south that I didn’t see a deer. I still haven’t seen a bear since flipping south. I saw 7 in my northern section.

I finish almost 20 miles by 3:30pm and arrive and immediately get off my feet. I eat a snack and read the shelter log book. I see that CHOCOHOLIC signed in 12 days earlier and left me a message.

I see that there are notes about there being copperheads near the Hut so I decide to camp even though it is supposed to rain.

Today I am thankful that I didn’t see any copperheads while I was reading the shelter log book!

6 thoughts on “I’m hot!

  1. Amy – I am so proud to know you! Great job thus far and I sure hope you can complete the whole AT before you have to go to work. I don’t always read blogs from hikers on the AT because it makes me feel a little depressed but I like to check in to see where everyone is. Hang in there – you are doing FANTASTIC.

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  2. Welcome to the heat! It was cool down here just long enough for me to ask Bill to send me my medium weight sleeping quilt. So now I’ll be hot for a little while. 😕 But I expect it to return to the pleasanter cool temps soon.

    Several flip flippers have now caught up with me and zoomed past me. No one I met in April yet. These folks left earlier than you.

    And hi, Buzzcut! I’ve been thinking of you and hoping things are good.

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