Clean again!

Wednesday 16, 2017

Lewis Campground 23.2 miles

Total mileage 1274.2

I was the only one to sleep in the shelter last night. So I was up at 5:30am packing up and didn’t have to worry about shining my light in someone’s eyes or being quiet. So I was out of there in a half hour and on that trail at 6 in the dark. It was a pretty foggy start. Some of the views of the valley below were fog filled. I kinda like weather like this.

The trail wasn’t as easy as the last two days. There were more rocks today but I still made really good time. I was pretty much hustling today. First to get to Skyland resort for breakfast which was 6.5 miles away. Then to the campground this afternoon before the store closed so I could take a shower and do laundry. I made it to camp at 4 pm. I averaged about 3 miles an hour. Food and showers can really motivate a hiker. This is the best that I have ever averaged. This is also the most mileage I have ever done.

I got my shower. Five minutes for one dollar. I spent two. Laundry was one dollar to wash and a quarter for 15 minutes of dry time which is perfect for fast drying hiker clothes.

I passed 4 more deer today. This area is like a petting zoo. These deer just stand beside the trail and watch you go by. They may pause while they are eating and look at you then they just go right back to eating.

Today I am so thankful for my wonderful shower. My plan was to stop a mile before the campground and stay at a hut but a NOBO told me the water was making hikers sick at that hut so I decided not to stay there and I am so glad for the chance to shower and do laundry.

4 thoughts on “Clean again!

  1. So true about food being a powerful motivator when you are thru-hiking. Are you enjoying the South more than the North? Your ‘voice’ sounds good…and I am enjoying reading your ‘gratitude’ in each post. 🙂

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