Friday August 11, 2017

Stealth Camping @ 1193.3 17.9 miles

Total mileage 1193.3

I woke up at 4 this morning and knew that it would get light until 6. I had to use the bathroom so I got up at 4:30 to go to the privy and I got my food bag on the way back. My food bag was hung on a bear pole. On my way back some other tenters were packing up. It doesn’t usually take me long to pack up so I just laid back down for a little bit, but couldn’t get back to sleep so I decided to pack up. I was out of camp at 5:50 am in the dark using a flash light to see.

I was having a tough time today. My pack was really making my hips ache. About 1 pm I got to a shelter and took almost everything out of my pack and repacked it differently. I had Jim send me my water bladder when I flipped back down south because I figured I would need to drink a lot more water. So I haven’t learned how to get everything in a proper place for comfort, but after I rearranged things it was much better.

I saw three more deer early this morning. Two of them just stood there and watched me walk by.

I also started what is called the rollercoaster! It is 13 miles of PUDS (pointless ups and downs).

I didn’t make it to my intended destination for the day. I was pretty worn out from being so uncomfortable this morning plus it started to thunder so I quickly found a stealth spot to camp. Now I am just laying in my tent all dry and cozy. While it is raining outside. BUT… I have to pee and I want to eat dinner and I don’t want to do either in my tent. 😕 I hope it stops soon.

5 thoughts on “Rain!

      1. 😦 I’m sorry to hear it….but happy for Soul Flower to have completed the trail. Hopefully another hiking partner will cross your path soon.

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  1. I also wanted to say that if you can’t get your water bladder to work so that it is comfortable– when I hiked the trail, water sources were much more plentiful in the Southern half of the trail than in the North.

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    1. Yeah it will be the opposite now. The rain we had the other night helped. But the southern sources will be dryer for me. I am now keeping my water bladder in a side pocket where I kept my water bottles and it seems to be working out great. Plus I can now reach back and feel how much I’d left.

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