Part Two!

Thursday August 10, 2017

David Lesser Shelter 9.6 miles

Total mileage 1175.7

I realized that I only have about ten weeks left to complete the trail before I have to return to work. That’s over 1000 miles in ten weeks. Can I do that? That’s 100 miles a week. The time had gone by so fast.

I’ve had the last three days off waiting for my flight out of Bangor back to Harpers Ferry. I’m rested and ready to hit the trail again.

I board the plane and I am in FIRST CLASS! Man oh man, this is nice. Thank you, Babydoll.

My legs are fully stretched out in front of me and my feet are propped up and all tucked in under a fleece blanket. The attendant asks if I would like something to drink, oh yes please. I get my plain tomato juice before departure. No alcohol for me at 6am. After the flight is in the air the attendant brings me a basket of snacks to choose from, I grab an organic fruit and nut bar. No pretzels for this hiker trash girl! Wait what!?!? I get another beverage and it is severed in a glass, glass! Oh my! I’m forever ruined!

I have a more difficult time with the metro this go around. I got on the wrong color metro but it was an easy fix. I just had a couple of extra stops because of it. My metro ride was about 45 minutes with all the spots it made. My shuttle driver, Sandi arrives just after I get off the metro. Perfect timing.

I arrive at the post office I Harper’s Ferry, pick up my supply box and package up some winter gear to send home.

Then I stop by the ATC and get my picture taken again for the record books. I am flip flopper number 91.

One more stop at the local outfitters for fuel since I can’t have that on the plane, another spoon because I lost mine again, and a stuff sack for my tent. Mine blew away and I couldn’t find it. So far on this trip I have lost 2 spoons, one bottle cap, and one stuff sack.

I head out of Harper’s Ferry at 1 pm and get to the shelter at 4:30. The terrian was easier and I made good time. I saw seven deer on the trail today! I left behind West Virginia and am in Virginia now. Virginia consists of over 500 miles! I sure hope I don’t get the Virginia blues!

I checked the weather for tomorrow and there is a good chance of rain. I also noticed that it doesn’t start to get light until 5:50 am. Up north is was getting light an hour earlier!😕 Guess I will be sleeping in some or starting to pack up in the dark.

7 thoughts on “Part Two!

  1. I didn’t realize that you had a deadline for finishing. 😦 100 miles per week is ambitious, but not impossible. You’ll really have to watch the zeros.

    You are doing great! I’m rooting for you! At least the terrain should be easier, and you are in great shape for it. Best wishes for a safe, easy and fun second half of the trail!

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