A hiking trail.

Sunday August 13, 2017

White Mountain Cabbin, Front Royal, VA 10.4 miles

Total mileage 1219.8

I slept good last night. I put my ear plugs in and was able to keep the in the whole night. I think my ear canals are starting to stretch out and it doesn’t hurt so bad anymore.

I’m up at 5:45 and start to pack up. I try to be quiet. There is one other guy and his dog camping in the shelter with me. The morning is cooler than it had been the last couple of days. I head out at 6:25 and there is enough light to see. The trail had been nice the last couple of days. There is dirt path to walk on. I feel like I’m hiking! I see three more deer this morning.

I meet a father and his daughter out for a 5 day stretch. They are both newbes. She has a can of bear spray strapped to her hip. She wants to do the trail solo. I encourage her that she should. The father asks me a lot of questions about hiking alone. He would like her to carry a gun if she hikes alone. I tell them both that the hiking community really looks out for each other and most women don’t carry a weapon and I have never felt unsafe or threatened by anyone. Most people on the trail are just so friendly.

I met IDAHO BONES today. I’ve been seeing his name in the shelter logs for a long while. He is a flip flopper also. I also saw LUNA and SPICE signed in at the last shelter about 10 days ago. They both started the same day as me. They are both more than 20 years younger than me and apparently moving faster.

Some of the trail was a hikers dream! Smooth dirt, free of rocks and roots, and flat. This is so nice in between those mountainous climbs. Plus today’s low milage is great for the feet and knees.

2 thoughts on “A hiking trail.

  1. It’s so crazy for me to read your entries from places I was at just a couple of weeks ago. Until now, following your blog has been like a step into fantasy land. Now it’s reality.

    I have a suggestion for when you come to Waynesboro. I really liked staying at Stanimal’s 328 Hostel for my zero day. Free pickup and drop off at the trail. And he’ll drive you free within town for whatever you need (outfitter, post office). Kroger, CVS and a great Mexican restaurant are walking distance. My first day back on the trail I did 20.6 miles to the Maupin Field Shelter., a good place with tons of tent space. But that was a very long day before tackling an even harder day : going down one of the (rocky, poorly marked) Three Ridges and then UP, UP, UP the Priest Mt. ( about 3000 feet in about 4 miles). This was a hard 14 mile day. I stayed at the Priest shelter, with active mice, but otherwise okay.

    I suggest breaking these days down if you can, and giving yourself shorter days somehow.

    See you soon, I’m sure. I’m presently zeroing at the town pavilion in Glasgow. Very sweet. But Stanimal also has another hostel right nearby. Free pickup and drop off!

    However, you have nearly 4 months of muscle. I have 3 weeks. You decide.

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