Day 96

Thursday July 27, 2017

Horseshoe Canyon Lean To 13 miles

Total mileage 1042.7

I had a tough time falling asleep last night. It sounded like there was a deer in the woods and I was hoping it wouldn’t pounce on my tent.

I woke up around 3 am and could hear a very faint rain sprinkle on my tent. I quickly got up and went pee before it really started to come down. When I woke up again around 5 am it was still raining so I just stayed in bed.

SOULFLOWER went buy on the way to the privy and I told her I would get a weather report from my GPS. It looked like it would be clear by 9am and Jim also checked weather for me and he thought it would stop around 8 am. It was a very light rain so we decided to get packed up and go.

It stopped raining about 7am shortly after starting, but my shoes still got soaked from all the wet vegetation.

It was cloudy for most of the day with less than an hour of sunshine. We had just one climb this morning and we took a bad weather bypass trail around the summit. It was a rocky exposed summit and we didn’t want to be scrambling on wet rock so we played it safe. Neither one of us wants to slip on wet rocks and get injured.

The terrian looked easy in the guide book and it really wasn’t to bad, but I just had a hard time at the end of the day. My feet were sore and wet and my lower legs were tired. I just wanted to be off them.

We had a number of water crossings today and one that we had to ford. It seemed silly to take off wet shoes and socks and put on sandles to ford the river, but they weren’t totally soaked so the dryer I can keep them the better.

Today I tried to pay more attention to how I felt after eating this morning. I was pretty hungry about 7 am so I ate a small muffin and some trail mix and it didn’t seem to feel so good in my tummy. I’m may be becoming one of those people I used to redicule because they couldn’t eat in the morning. I am going to continue to see how I do with food in the morning.

It is raining again this evening. So far it has just been a light sprinkle. I hope it doesn’t amount to much because I set my tent up in a little depression. I don’t want to open my tent flap in the morning and see a moat around it! 🙁

I am grateful for the generosity of trail angels. I ate my snickers bar that I received from a trail angel for desert this evening. That is the forth candy bar I’ve had on this trip and they all have been given to me.

Note: Cell service is very spotty up here and the wifi at this hostel sucks so I haven’t been able to upload my pictures. I will do so when I have service.

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