Saturday July 22, 2017 

The Sterling Inn Caratunk, ME @ 2038.6 14 miles

Total mileage 1015

Last night as I was getting ready for bed and trying to decide what I was going to do today,  a group of 12 young girls came into to camp and set up next to me. I thought they would be late sleepers so I decided to hike 10 miles to the next shelter then do the remaining four miles to town the next day since I had to catch a ferry between the hours of 9-2. I didn’t think I could do all 14 miles before 2 pm. 

Well… those girls were up at 4:20 this morning! 😲 I couldn’t believe it. Since I was awake and wouldn’t be disturbing anyone I decided to go for the 14 miles. 

As I was leaving camp two other older guys were also leaving so I decided to see if I could keep up with them. They were moving pretty quickly and I really couldn’t take a break to drink or eat so I did my best to drink and eat while walking. 

Some how I managed to keep up with them and before I knew it I was at the shelter I thought about staying at by 9:40am! I couldn’t believe what I had just accomplished! Ten miles completed by 10 am! The time went by so quickly with all of us talking. I do have to confess that the terrian was flat and pretty easy. 

The day did come with a few challenges. Which involved walking on some boards /trees that are used as bridges. They freak me out because they bow and bounce under your weight. 

We got to the ferry before noon and the guys went first. The ferry is a canoe and and can only accommodate two hikers at a time. I tipped our transporter and he was really grateful. 

 After I got across we all walked into town to the Caratunk B&B. They have some hiker resupply and also serve milkshakes. I got a milkshake and was also hoping to get a bunk for the night, but they were full. They called another Inn down the road and they had room for me and would come and pick me up. This is the first town that I have come to that I haven’t had a reservation. 

The trail today was really beautiful. I passed a couple of ponds and several waterfalls. And I got trail magic again today. A couple in a boat stopped by the shelter which was on a pond and they had candy bars.  A KitKat and a snickers for each of us. To date I have only eaten 3 candy bars including the KitKat I ate this morning and they have all been given to me. I didn’t buy them. I have not had a soda to date either. Now ice cream is a different story!!!😊

5 thoughts on “10 MILES BY 10 AM

  1. you are so one of my heroes!!! sometimes there is much needed strength in “numbers” that help make things go a little easier. Think you found it at the right time. Beautiful photos as always. Thank you for doing what you do..hike on ! Dee

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