Mount Bigelow 

Wednesday July 19, 2017 

Safford Brooke Trail @2012 to Stratton ME @2001.6 southbound 10.4 miles slackpacking 

Total mileage 980.1

Most of the towns in northern Maine are pretty remote and many of the residents have to drive a ways just to grocery shop. It is so different from back home, where everything is just right there. Most mornings it takes John an hour or hour and a half just to get me where I need to go. I am so thankful for everything he and his wife Patti have done for me. It has really impacted my hike and I can’t thank them enough. 

Today was forecasted to be the best weather day with no chance of rain. John thought it would be best to do the Bigelow Mountain range today. It is a tough climb above treeline. I went southbound to make things a little easier. It put the hardest climb of the day first thing in the morning when I feel the best. The picture above is of Sugarloaf Mountain. Which is a very popular ski destination. I climbed this mountain yesterday. Well I should say I crawled up. I was on all fours trying to get up it. It was definitely a rock scramble. 

This emergency Hut was at the top of Avery Peak and the photo below is where I was headed after my Avery Peak summit, the West Peak of Bigelow Mountain. 

View of the Rangeley Lakes from Avery Peak. 

The photo below is the North and South Horn on Bigelow Mountain. It was definitely a strenuous day!

3 thoughts on “Mount Bigelow 

      1. Well it set the tone for what I thought all hiking was like…if it’s not steep and doesn’t have rocks and roots then it almost seems boring…ha!

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