Another good day! 

Tuesday July 18, 2017 

Caribou Valley Rd to Woods Rd 10.4 miles slackpacking 

Total mileage 969.7

Today I hiked south from Caribou Valley Rd to Woods Rd. It was a scramble on all fours going up Sugarloaf Mountain then the rest of the day was easy. Well…  easy terrian by Maine standards. 

I was really nervous about the day. When we left the house it was raining and really started to come down as we were traveling. The weather report didn’t mention anything about rain in the morning. I decided to put my rain gear on so when we got to the drop off point,  John wouldn’t have to wait on me. Shortly after putting on my rain gear the rain stopped. Just my luck! 

I had a river to ford first thing this morning that I wasn’t looking forward to. I just knew that the water was going to be freezing, but luckily there was a board stretched across a couple of rocks to walk across the rest I just rock hopped. 

It was pretty cool going southbound today. I got to see many of the hikers that I have been hiking near but never really see that much of. 

4 thoughts on “Another good day! 

  1. Yeah! Another good weather day!

    What you are doing is incredible. You know that, right? It’s so much different reading about it, than doing it. When I was out there, it was just something I did, and I wasn’t really aware of the magnitude of the feat I was accomplishing. It was just another mountain I hiked that day, in fact, most of the time, I wasn’t even aware of the mountain I was hiking. AWOL was terrible about not labeling which Mountain were are going to be hiking. For the most part, I didn’t want to know how ‘terrible’ or ‘hard’ the mountain I had to climb that day was going to be. It helped me to not know or build up anxiety about it beforehand…but most of NH and ME are a blur for me due to being so worn out. I’m so glad you are doing this part while you are ‘fresh’ and can enjoy it.

    Anyway…It seems like so much MORE when reading about someone else doing it. I guess what I’m trying to say…is please don’t lose site of the fact that you are doing something incredible out there…each and every day. You are almost to Big K, lady! Awesome!

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    1. Sometimes as I’m hiking I’m thinking about you. I’m thinking my God Kara did this! How did she even do this? I had no idea what you were doing and how hard it was. It is so hard to explain just how hard this trail is!

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      1. So true…it is very hard to convey. We can read about how cold or tired or in pain you are, but unless a person actually experiences it, they can’t REALLY know what it’s like to experience all those things at one time, and have to push through it. People read about the adventure, but they don’t feel the pain and weight of it on their shoulders. Even if you try to describe it, the reader can’t really know how it wears on you, what the emotional struggles are like, what the loneliness or fear is like, all on top of each other. I pray for you almost every day…for safety and for strength (physically, mentally and emotionally). You are doing great!

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