So Thankful! 

Monday July 17, 2017 

Woods Road @ 1982.9 13.5 miles slackpacking 

Total mileage 959.3 

I’m so thankful. I’m slackpacking today. I climbed over 4 summits with just a day pack. I was really enjoying the day with the light pack. There was also a chance of thunderstorms this afternoon and it gave me the opportunity to move faster and safer. I was above tree line for a few miles and didn’t want to be stuck up there if thunderstorms were going to roll through. 

I started my 5 mile climb up Saddleback Mountain at 7 am and reached the summit at 10 am. Then I was on the summit of The Horn by 11:15 am and the summit of Saddleback Jr by 12:30.

The views were amazing! I had sunshine until about 1 pm. I could see dark clouds rolling in behind me so I didn’t dally on the open ridgeline that I was hiking on. 

This photo is looking up at the ridgeline that I would be crossing. 

This is looking back at the ridgeline that I just came down from with clouds rolling in. It was really clear when I was up there. 

Me taking a selfie with dark clouds in the back ground. I’m not sure how my hat got so lopsided!

3 thoughts on “So Thankful! 

  1. I’m so happy to hear about this good day, and GOOD WEATHER! I know I keep saying the same thing over and over, but your pics are incredible. I especially love the one with the open ridge where you can see the trail ahead of you and have an open view of everything around you. You are plowing on through those miles! So impressive. 🙂

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