Better Day! 

Sunday July 16, 2017 

Rangeley RT 4 ME 14 miles 

Total mileage 945.8

I slept great last night. I was exhausted. I remember the last time I was going to stealth camp alone. I was so scared. Then a couple of other hikers came alone and I felt much better. Last night I didn’t worry about a thing. And if a bear came alone…it would put me out of my misery! 

I woke up to a bright sky. It looked like it was going to be a nice day. Plus I was feeling much better and well rested. I was out of camp by 5:45 am. I had 14 miles to complete today and I did great. I was done by 2:15pm. It was a pretty flat day as far as Maine terrian goes. My knees didn’t bother me much at all since there wasn’t much descending that was steep. I have also started to take Aleve to help with the pain. 

When I finished today I walked to the Hiker Hut hostel which is only three tenths of a mile from the trail. Jim sent a mail drop/resupply there for me. I had planned to stay there but earlier in the week one of Mom’s classmates, JON, who lives in the area called me and offered to host me. 

Since I arrived at the hostel early I took a much needed shower there before meeting JON and stinking up his truck. They had the most amazing outdoor shower. It was in the woods down by a stream. They used a barrel of stream water and a pump to pump the water to the shower head and propane to heat the water. So I was showering right next to a stream in the middle of the woods. It was amazing. The hostel was the cutest place. I wish I had pictures of it. The owners were super nice and welcoming. The only bad thing was there wasn’t any wifi or cell phone service there. 

Jon picked me up and I asked if he could take me to an outfitter. I wanted to find some better shoes to ford the streams in. I ordered a pair of crocs but with my narrow feet I just couldn’t walk in them well without them flopping all around. There wasn’t much in the town of Rangeley but I was able to find some teva’s that are strapped on and are supper comfortable.

We headed back to his house and his wife, PAT was making us dinner. I had a huge bowl of pasta with a shrimp and vegetable cream sauce and corn bread. It was so delicious! Real homemade food! 

4 thoughts on “Better Day! 

  1. LOL at not caring if you got eaten by a bear. I’m so proud of you for making it through the night stealth camping alone with no fear. I still have a lot of men tell me they could never do something like that, and they are always alarmed that I didn’t take a ‘firearm’ with me on my hike. 🙂

    Though I didn’t want to do it, I ended up being ‘one of those people’ who took ‘Vitamin I’ daily at around the 2 1/2 month mark in. It helped so much. I’m glad it helped your pain. That hike hard enough, even without pain!

    That shower sounds amazing! I’m drooling over your shrimp and pasta! How blessed you are to have been able to stay with so many friends along the way so far.

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  2. I so love the pictures of Rangeley Lake. I spent weeks at a time fishing there with my Uncle Bill when I was a youngster. Thanks again for bringing those wonderful memories back for me. Did you say “hello” to your Uncle Ray when you were there?

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