Amazing Beautiful

Friday July 14, 2017 

Grafton Notch Rd. to East B Hill Rd 10.3 miles

Total mileage 919.4

The morning was chilly, the fog was lifting and it looked like the sun was going to make an appearance today. 

I was looking forward to climbing Baldplate Mountain. Maybe I should rephrase that, I was looking forward to the view from Baldplate. The view was amazing! 

Although the climb up made me a little nervous. I was climbing on rock. All most of the mountain top was rock and some of it was wet. 

There was also an abundance of ladders to descend, but I did well with them. I’m getting less fearful of them. But these were easier than the one I cried over. 

I did have a fall today, descending some wet slate rock. For the most part I am OK. I skinned some skin off the palm/wrist on my left hand. 

The weather was perfect. It was a chilly morning in the low 50’s to upper 40’s. Then warmed up to the 60’s. We did have some rain that started around 3 pm and it rained off and on until 7 pm. Luckily I was finished by then. 

11 thoughts on “Amazing Beautiful

  1. Your pictures make me home sick for Maine. I know that you are in some really rugged terraine but don’t you feel so close to heaven that you could just reach up and touch it? I am so proud of your endurrance and will to complete this journey. Remember that Mt. Katahdin is waiting for you.

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  2. This should make you laugh. I would love to join you but you know that I have an even greater fear of heights than you do. My hand prints would be forever embeded in those rock ledges probably as well as the rest of my body would be.

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  3. Just realized I could post a comment / wonderful pictures and you look great so keep it going. Miss Berkly also as he is on a different schedule (or we are)

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    1. Hey guys,
      So happy to hear from you. Glad to hear you are enjoying the blog. Berkley is spending lots of time at my moms house and he looks like he is getting plenty of treats. She does not like the summer heat so she walks him late in the evenings.


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