Ugly Day! 

Thursday July 13, 2017 

East Bay Rd to South Arm RD ME 10.1 miles 

Total mileage 909.1

I skipped a section of trail because of the weather. I will be doing the skipped section tomorrow. It was all day rain today and I didn’t want to be on top of a bald if there was a chance of thunder and lightening. Plus the bald has a lot of rock on the top that maybe slippery. 

I told myself never to hike in the rain. I should listen to myself. It was a nasty, cold, wet,  rainy, day and my feet were frozen and not happy. The high today was only in the mid 50’s. I actually got out of the shuttle vehicle in the rain. That is a bad sign, but now it is done and I am warm and dry. 

I had to ford two rivers today. I just walked right through since my socks and shoes were already wet. As I was waiting for my shuttle to pick me up at the end of the day two guys crossed the ford where I was and one fell in. I didn’t see it but I heard it. He comes up the bank to the road I was standing at and he is sooking wet and he says to his hiking partner “at least it’s warm out today”! 😨 What?!?! 

This is one of the areas that I had to Ford and the area that the guy fell at. 

Sorry no views today it was a total white out. 

4 thoughts on “Ugly Day! 

  1. The rest of us in the other part of the world are sweltering. You will probably go into shock when you flip back down to Harper’s Ferry. I can’t believe how bad the weather has been for you hikers this year. 😦 You are much more macho than I am. I wouldn’t have hiked in the rain and cold. I’m so glad you were able to go back to a hostel, rather than have to be wet and cold in a shelter. Hoping and praying for good weather ahead!

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