Ugly Tears! 

Monday July 10, 2017 

Full Goose Shelter ME 9.6 miles

Total mileage 889.3

I cried today. Full blown tears with snot running down to my lip! I was scared! 😢 I had to climb a really big and tall ladder. It was steep! I made it past the rebar climb, but the ladder got to me. It was a ladder made from a tree. The sides were huge tree trunks so it wasn’t easy to hang on to and the steps were really thick and hard to hang onto as well. I climbed it very slowly and had a death grip on it. When I got to the top I crawled onto solid ground but got stuck between the tree trunks/ladder sides at the top. The ladder was narrow. My pack was stuck in between the two trunks and I was to scared to stand up so I prayed and just crawled trying to pull my pack through the narrow opening. Once I made it I just started to cry. I started to question myself again as I have several times on this trip. Do I have what it takes to do this? These scary areas really get to me. 

I crossed over into Maine today. The miles from here will be low because of how difficult the terrian is. It is really slow going and more like climbing than hiking. Tomorrow I will be tackling the hardest mile on the trail, Mahoosec Notch. It is one mile in length and will probably take me two hours to complete it. It is a bunch of boulders some the size of a car, from what I hear. 

Today was mostly overcast so the photos aren’t that great. 

12 thoughts on “Ugly Tears! 

  1. Hello Amy, Read our blog early this morning. Thanks for posting the pics so we can see the beauty and just how hard the AT can be. The fears are real and the threats are real. We do everything we can to be safe and comfortable. Our lives are built around those pillars. But they fall short in helping us grow as people. True challenges force us to go deep, to what we believe and hold to. Reading your blog and seeing the photos has made me look at myself. I admire what you are doing and pray for your steps ahead. Each one closer to home.

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  2. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!!! You are so brave for even stepping foot on this trail in the first place. I still admire you and Kara so much! Keep moving forward, you got this!

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  3. I had a few of those crying spells, too. It’s cleansing, in a way…probably the release of all of that stress. You are doing so well, pushing on through! Somehow, I guess I read the Mahoosec Notch post before this one…so you’ve been through the worst -at least as far as I got (to Andover), and I’ve heard the section you just passed is the worst. Let’s pray so. You are incredible! Seriously. Some would say…you’re badass. 😉

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  4. Remember how Dad always called you his “Pooh Bear”? Well keep in mind Little Bear when you are out there scared and all alone that his spirit is out there with you to give you that helping hand that you seek. Smiles and hugs from heaven.

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    1. I know Dad could have built a better ladder than the one I was climbing that is for sure. I miss him dearly. Maybe his spirit is what is keeping me going because after hiking 6 hours in the rain today I am not sure what else it could be.


  5. Looking at that ladder and hearing about the part between tree trunks….I just have to say, “OMG!!!!” And to think you tacked the Notch, etc, the very next day. Cry all you want, you earned it. You are bad a##!

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