I saw a Moose! 

Sunday July 9, 2017 

Gentian Pond Shelter NH 11.8 miles 

Total mileage 879.7

I took a zero at the White Mountain Hostel yesterday to give my body some rest. I noticed this morning that my knees are still sore even with taking medication for cramps. I think I will have sore knees for the rest of New England. I’m just hoping it doesn’t get unbearable. 

I had another happy reunion at the hostel. MIX walked in last night. I haven’t seen him since the Rock N Soul Hostel in Pennsylvania. He was having some bad blisters at the time and way taking it slow. 

I slept great at the hostel last night and the night before. I’ve been lucky to not have to listen to loud snoring during the night in the bunk rooms that I have been in. I have been sleeping with earplugs in and I am getting use to them. I the beginning I couldn’t leave them in all night long because they were painful. I think they have stretched my ear canals out and they are now more comfortable. 

I had the best trail today. Well it still wasn’t ideal but it was better than anything I’ve had in a while, but I it will end soon. I ran into some SOBO’S (southbounders) and they were telling me that the next week is rock climbing and a one mph pace.  Yuck!  That’s s definitely not going to help my knees.  

The shelter that I am staying at tonight is near a pond and there was a Moose in the pond! I got to see a Moose!!! 😃 Although it was too far away to get a good picture of it. There were also a couple of beavers swimming around but they were a ways away so I couldn’t see them that well. I was told by another hiker who saw them up close that they were beavers. I also saw another porcupine today on a rock slab near the summit of Mt Hayes. 

I got into camp just before 2 pm and got my tent set up, eat lunch, got water, took a bandana bath and was just resting in the tent working on my blog when I heard rain hitting the tent. It was a short light shower at about 3:30 pm. 

One thought on “I saw a Moose! 

  1. I never saw a moose while I was on the trail. I have heard they are HUGE. Luck-EEEEEY! (Said in my best “Napolean Dynamite” voice. 🙂

    From the pictures it looks like this was another good weather day. Hoping you have more of those! I also hope the pain in your knees is better!

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