The Wildcats 

Thursday July 6, 2017 

IMP Shelter NH 13.1 miles

Total mileage 859.9

It was a strenuous day. I hiked over 7 mountains today. I also started my period, but the cramps were minor, but since I am slackpacking and left a lot of my gear at the hostel I only had one tampon with me and only because it was in my toilet paper bag. So I’ll leave it up to your imagination on how this panned out. 

I am tired but not totally exhausted. I believe it is all the chocolate I’m eating. I haven’t had any of the bone deep fatigue that I experienced on my Long Trail hike last year. 

The trail went straight up today. It took me two and a half hours to get up the first mountain. It also involved some wood steps and rock slab climbing. Some of my least favorite stuff. 

I spent most of the day walking. I only had two very short breaks to eat. The rest of the food I consumed, I consumed while walking. I would have loved to do less miles, but I’m racing the rain that is forecasted for the next two days. I may wake up to rain in the morning, but I am hiking into town tomorrow. 

5 thoughts on “The Wildcats 

  1. Your pictures are as amazing as you are—such a will to trek on. Be safe. Oh Berk is sitting on my lap and he also loves your pictures.


  2. Oh, no. 😦 I’m so proud of the way you are hanging in there, in spite of all of the bad weather and other obstacles, like…you know. I’m also glad you are feeling strong. Keep on, keepin’ on, lady! …and thank you for continuing your blog posts. The rest of us are thoroughly enjoying it and we are rooting for you.

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      1. She is off the trail! She broke her foot after about a month on the trail. 😦 She knew it was hurting, but kept on going. There was no particular fall or anything that she could pinpoint to the cause. The Doc said it was a pretty bad break, too, and she’s in a boot. I think she might be planning to try again next year. I hope she will.


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