Happy Reunion! 

Friday July 7, 2017 

The White Mountain Hostel @1891.5 Gorham, NH 8 miles

Total mileage 867.9

I woke up this morning to clear skies. It was supposed to be raining. I thought to myself that it was going to be a good day. 

Just a little humor for yall. Yesterday when I got back on the trail I was pretty low I  elevation and the temperature was pretty warm when I started my climb so I ended up really sweaty. Because it was a long tough day over all those mountains I didn’t arrive in camp until 6 pm so I didn’t do my normal bandana bath. I just did a wipe down with a wet wipe and went to bed. Well this morning when I went to the privy I was so sticky that when I got up from the toilet seat it stuck to my ass. Plus there was probably some residual stickiness from other hikers. ICKY! 

There was only one mountain to climb today with many great views and fairly easy terrian as far as New England is concerned. Nothing to scary for me. 

I was feel pretty good for just starting my period so I was thankful for that. I did run into a lot of cobwebs this morning  which are so irritating. Then the mosquitoes were unbelievably bad as I was nearing Gorham, New Hampshire my destination for the day. I was hiking along the Rattle River, apparently a very happy home for mosquitoes! 

I arrived back a the hostel that I stayed at two nights ago and I will take a zero here. I’m looking forward to some rest and to get caught up on some thank you notes and my blog. I also need to plan out milage for the next couple of weeks and mail drops for Jim so he can send me more food and treats. He usually includes a treat in my box. It is always something different and I have loved them all. Thank you, Babydoll! 

I had a happy reunion with SOULFLOWER! She stayed at the last hostel to rest up for a few days before starting the Whites and to avoid the rain that I was racing from. She is still two days behind me on the trail, but hopefully we’ll be back together soon. 

I believe HOOTIE  is a day ahead of me. I’ve heard from DISCOUNT and his wrist is really bothering him still so he is currently not planning to come back to the trail this year. He is thinking of doing a NOBO (northbound) hike next year. 

4 thoughts on “Happy Reunion! 

  1. So glad that you were able to meet up with Soul Flower at least for over night. My wish if for the two of you to reach the summit of Mt. Katahdin together.

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  2. Wow. Gorgeous views! LOL at being stuck to the toilet seat. It’s amazing how much everything you ever learned growing up about toilet seats and being ‘sanitary’ goes out the window once you are on the trail. Hope you enjoy your zero and reunion with Soul Flower.

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