Day 72

Monday July 3, 2017 

Mizpah Hut Nauman Tentsite 9.3 miles

Total mileage 827.2

I had a tough mental day. These climbs are really getting scary for me. I can’t do them by myself. I had help today from PONCHO  and IDGI. I was questioning myself. Can I over come my fear of heights? Can I continue or should I just skip the rest of the northern section of trail and just head back south. This is really dangerous out here when you are wearing at big, bulky, heavy backpack. It can really through you off balance. 

I did a lot of thinking today. I realized that I’m just one player on a team and I need my team to make things happen. I miss my man. I wish he was here and we were doing this together as a team. 

I made it into camp today around 2pm and was able to get a single tent pad and got my tent set up easily. Last night I was on a large group tent pad and I really struggled to get it set up. 

It is really cold and windy up here. I’m guessing the temperature is in the 40’s plus wind chill. 

24 thoughts on “Day 72

  1. I’m confused. Did you lose the other 2 of the Flipping Four? What happened to Soul Flower? Also…Did you get a new tent? I thought you had a Copper Spur Tent.

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    1. Yeah

      SOULFLOWER took 3 days off at the Notch Hostel to rest before the Whites and to avoid the rain. HOOTIE is pretty fast and moved on ahead while DISCOUNT went home to heal.
      I just met back up with SOULFLOWER at the White Mountain Hostel, but she is still 2 days behind me.

      I got the Zpack Solo plex used online before my Long Trail hike.


      1. That must have been disheartening to have your group break up. 😦 But Soul Flower is not that far behind. Maybe she will catch up with you.

        When your hike is over, I’d love to know how you liked your tent–pro’s and con’s. 🙂 I especially want to know if your tent floor has stayed dry through all of the rain you’ve had. My tent floor almost always got wet during the rain…and most everyone else talked about their tent floor getting wet. I think Z-packs is supposed to be one of the few that doesn’t!


  2. That climb out of Crawford Notch up Webster Cliff is a tough trail. Glad you had some Trail friends out there!

    Did you go from Minoan all the way to Pinkham?! What a long tough stretch!!! Hope you had some views on the traverse!

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  3. Do not give up you are almost half way through. Overcoming your fears is the greatest challenge a person can face. Everyone is afraid of something, defeat those demons, you can do it. March on, make friends and have fun. You are all in it together. Remember this. : Nothing will keep me from completing this trek, it is my lifelong dream my biggest challenge and I will do it !!!! I am with you every step of the way.

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  4. We are all wishing you well down here at Flagler Beach! One of my granddaughters from Miami is with us and started following your blog, putting a post of her blog, Brooke’s World, this week featuring you and your journey. She is only eleven but full of ideas and life. You have inspired her, thanks! Chip and fam


  5. You’ve got a whole team of folks following your journey and rooting for you. You can do this! You ARE doing this! You are in the toughest portion of the whole AT. Heading south through Virginia is going to be a walk in the park for you.

    We only hiked together for a week, but I find that I miss you when reading your blog. You’re good company.


      1. Yep, I’m chomping at the bit to get back out there. But we had to move the date from 7/18 to 7/25 for departure from Harpers Ferry. At least this gives me more time to train and obsess over my gear.

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      2. Have you changed any of your gear? I would bring camp shoes. It is nice to have them when your shoes are wet and you will need them when you get up north to Ford streams. Plus some hostels won’t let you wear your hiking shoes inside.


    1. I bought a pair of cross with a heal because I thought they would stay on my feet better but I hate them.
      They are to big for my feet and hard to walk in. I also have narrow feet. I would rather have sandal that I can tighten the straps on. Remember in camp just to get to the water source or privy can be a climb over rocks so I think a good fitting sandal would d be best. But also in a sandal


  6. By the way, if you have the time when you’re staying at your next hostel or town, check out my recent post on my blog at: I think it’ll get a laugh or two out of you. 😁

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